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Personal care products manufacturer Tom’s of Maine has joined forces with recycling company TerraCycle to launch a new programme, known as Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Brigade.

As part of the new recycling programme, consumers can keep packaging from all Tom’s of Maine products and other brands out of landfills.

Irrespective of brand, the Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Brigade accepts toothpaste tubes and caps, mouthwash bottles and caps, deodorant/antiperspirant containers, plastic soap wrappers and floss containers.

Tom’s of Maine goodness programmes manager Susan Dewhirst said that with its own packaging innovation and standards and also by partnering with companies like TerraCycle, the company’s aim is to make packaging as recyclable as possible to help eliminate packaging waste.

"Our partnership with TerraCycle helps us connect with others who care passionately about taking care of the planet," Dewhirst added.

By collecting and sending in each piece of packaging, the consumer earns points that can be used for charity gifts or converted to cash and paid to any school or non-profit organisation.

Tom’s of Maine, a natural products company in the US focused on oral and personal care, manufactures all of its deodorant sticks with a plastic that can be recycled from canister to cap, and all of its product boxes are made of recycled / recyclable paperboard.

TerraCycle’s Brigade programme, which is open to any individual or organisation, collects more than 50 different kinds of products and packaging.

The company said it has already kept over two billion pieces of trash from going to the landfill and gave away almost $4.5m to charity, with its partners.

Image: Tom’s of Maine teamed up with TerraCycle to launch a new recycling programme. Photo: PRNewsFoto/Tom’s of Maine.