E-collaborative solutions provider Trace One has announced the addition of a new e-solution to its private-label product lifecycle management (PL PLM) suite for managing packaging design.

The new ‘packaging manager’, which is a key component of the company’s overall PL PLM offerings, enables the online collaborative management of the entire packaging design process.

The technology enables each functional group involved in packaging to create better output in a limited time frame.

Packaging manager enables the company’s global retailers to improve product quality and time-to-market, and meet the existing and emerging regulatory and safety requirements.

Professional teams involved in packaging design, using a software as a service (SaaS) platform, can use personnel, information and logistics resources to deliver products to customers with the new e-solution.

Packaging manager cuts down the time invested for the marketing of products by more than 20%, owing to a decrease in stage cycle time through the advanced online collaboration capabilities of the product.

Trace One COO Marc Bonnamour said every contribution pertaining to packaging design as well as text needs to be communicated, verified, corrected and validated.

"These specialists in packaging, marketing and quality, legal, as well as the photoengravers and printers working on the design of the packaging must be able to quickly adapt and manage information. And, our packaging manager allows them to do just that," Bonnamour said.

Packaging manager has the ability to perform certain operations, or to import documents once, and to apply the characteristics to an entire range to assist the management of long product ranges.

Trace One’s PL PLM suite enables retailers to monitor every step of a private label lifecycle from the establishment of specifications to the product shelving.