Glass container manufacturer Verallia North America has launched a new line of 4oz and 6oz capacity single-serve glass jars for yoghurts, for US distribution.

The new containers, which extend the company’s existing family of dairy glass packaging products, serve as an eco-conscious alternative to standard plastic containers, and incorporate a sealing primer.

With the primer, commercial yoghurt producers can use traditional foil heat seal lids and induction heat sealing equipment to meet existing Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for proper packaging closure.

The packaging can impact the way the industry develops, packages and markets yoghurt considerably, as the new glass containers can affect consumer perception of this fast-growing food category.

Verallia claims that glass is ideal for yoghurt producers who look to set apart their products in a competitive marketplace through original packaging design.

Verallia North America food, beverage and spirits business sector senior vice president and general manager Phil McPherson said the company has made use of important resources to bring a line of single-serve glass yoghurt containers to the US market.

"Our yoghurt glass jars offer commercial dairies and food producers a new healthy packaging choice that can give them an edge in this competitive market," McPherson said.

Verallia North America’s family of dairy glass containers and packaging include 64oz glass milk bottles, 32oz pourable glass yogurt and milk bottles, 15oz glass cottage cheese jars and 9oz spreadable cheese glass jars.

The company designs, develops and produces glass bottles and jars for the wine, beer, beverage, spirits and food container markets.