WS Packaging has announced the addition of flexible packaging line to its portfolio of packaging products, which consists of easy-to-convert paper-faced pouching materials for dry foods and powdered ingredients such as soup or drink mixes.

According to the company, the line also includes film-faced pouching products with optimal barrier and sealability characteristics for snacks, coffee, wipes, lotions, liquids and pet food, among others.

The packaging line offers a broad range of products for a variety of markets and end-use applications, in addition to paper and film-faced lidding for dry, powdered and liquid applications.

WS Packaging director of marketing Mark Moorhead said that flexible packaging can be used by brand managers to give a fresh lease of life to their product image with longer shelf life, better taste, product safety, convenience and portability.

"Flexible packaging allows us to further leverage packaging as a primary point of differentiation for our customers’ brands, and to accomplish such with speed and versatility," Moorhead said.

The wide range of available substrates, such as sub-surface printable base stocks and clear laminating films, will facilitate WS Packaging to build customised flexible packaging constructions for its customers.

"Innovative package design is increasingly influencing consumers when it comes to in-store purchasing decisions," Moorhead added.

Flexible packaging, which garners 19% of the packaging market, is the second largest packaging segment in the US, according to the Flexible Packaging Association.

WS Packaging, which operates 20 manufacturing facilities, is majority owned by JW Childs Associates, a private equity firm based in the US.