Extrudable tie-layer resins supplier Yparex has developed a new adhesive tie layer for multilayer packaging films produced from plant-based raw materials.

The fully recyclable tie-layer resin is derived from 95% annually renewable resources, and meets the similar performance specifications as non-renewable petroleum-based polymer of the same family.

According to The Netherlands-based company, the resin offers an opportunity to packaging manufacturers to make their products sustainable, and also helps protect the packaging industry’s supply chain from price spikes of materials that are bound to the cost of oil and natural gas.

Adhesive tie layers are used in rigid or flexible barrier-packaging structures, in addition to multilayer films that unite dissimilar resins.

By preventing passage of oxygen into the package and keeping flavour and odours from leaving the package, the structures prolong the shelf life for meat, cheese and other perishable foods.

Blown or cast multilayer film structures that use common barrier resins, such as polyamide (PA) and ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), are suited to the new extrusion grade.

The plant-based resin serves as a better solution for packaging manufacturers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, and offers a more sustainable product to their customers, said the company.

Yparex general manager Wouter Van Den Berg said the company is shipping its first lot of green Yparex Renew resin for evaluation to a new film producer in August 2012.

"We hope the packaging industry responds favorably to this sustainable product offering and, if it does, we promise this will be the first of many more "green" innovations coming from our company," Van den Berg added.