PACE launches campaign to spread awareness about PET bottle recycling

Industry body PET Packaging Association for Clean Environment (PACE) has launched a communication campaign to spread awareness about polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle recycling and address increasing littering problems in India. 

The campaign will involve using social media and audio-visual platforms to provide information and encourage consumers to keep the environment clean.

PACE secretary general PC Joshi said: “PET bottles are a vital part of our everyday life. We use products packaged in PET bottles and, most of us don’t realise it, we also use products made out of recycled PET.

“Spreading awareness about PET bottle recycling is important for PACE.”

"Spreading awareness about PET bottle recycling is important for PACE."

Using human values as the theme, the campaign explains how recycled PET bottles are used to make other products.

The 100% recyclable material PET has a lower carbon footprint compared to other packaging materials.

PET is used in multiple applications and requires responsible disposal after use to make it safe and environmentally friendly.

It is also safe, lightweight, sturdy and acts as an effective barrier to carbon dioxide.

PACE has partnered with multiple PET manufacturers, bottlers, processors, and recyclers across India to encourage the adoption of a voluntary code of conduct to manufacture, package and recycle and sale of PET packaging in the country.