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Anti-Counterfeit Product Verification and Authentication Technology
Case-Sealing Equipment and High-Strength Tapes for the Packaging Industry
Box Sealing Tapes and Dispensing Equipment
Holographic Security Elements for Product and Brand Protection
Infrared Spectrometers for Packaging Products Analysis
Automation and Packaging for Food
Shrink and Wrap Food Packaging Machines
Specialty papers for Flexible Packaging and Labelling
High-Quality Plastic Jars and Bottles
The World's Largest Supplier of Flexible Packaging
Anti-Counterfeiting and Traceability Solutions for Packaging
Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies for Packaging and Labelling
Pneumatic Equipment for the Packaging Industry
Manufacturer of Slitting, Winding and Spooling Machinery
Metallized Paper Labels and High-End Packaging
Packaging and Distribution Systems Solutions
Self-Wound Pressure Sensitive Overlaminates for Label Printing and Flexible Packaging Industry
Plastic Handles, Box Connecting Clips, Hangers and Display Aids
Shelf Appeal Enhancing Materials
Self-Adhesive Labelling Systems
Masters in Industrial Automation
Oxo-Biodegradable Additives for Plastics
Coated and Uncoated Paper and Film Labels
Coatings and Inks for the Metal Packaging Industry
Brand Protection, Secured Traceability and Authentication
Flexible, Pre-Made Packaging Solutions for the Retail Industry
Aluminium Foils for Flexible Food Packaging
Flexible Converting Processes for the Packaging Industry
Self-Adhesive Paper and Film
Digital Printing Press for Folding Carton, Flexible Packaging, Labelling and POS Segments
Rigid Plastic Packaging
Flexible Packaging Products
Die-Cutting Systems
Closures for PET, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Carton and Flexible Containers
Smart Storage Systems for Corrugated, Flexible and Folding Carton Industries
Customised Labels, Packaging and Lidding Solutions
Bottling, Canning, Filling and Packaging Solutions
Strong, Light and Renewable Creative Packaging Solutions
Inks and Coatings for Wide Format Printers
Certified Compostable and Biodegradable Films and Products
A Cloud-Based (SaaS) Brand Management Solution
Packaging Innovations and Concepts for Global Brand Owners and the Private Label Industry
Flexible Packaging and Pressure-Sensitive Label Materials
Paper and Paperboard Packaging Materials
Brand Protection and Microscopic Markers and Detectors
Contract Services and Proprietary Technologies Focused on Parenteral Delivery
End-of-Line Casepacker, Carton Erector and Crate Packer Systems
Counting Machines and Packaging Lines
Adhesive Tapes, Films and Fabrics for Packaging Machinery
Turnkey Conveying and Handling Solutions for Metal Can Manufacturers
Cartoning Lines and Machinery
Collaborative Management Information Systems for Narrow Web Labelling Applications
Carton Sealers, Wrappers, and Case Erectors for the Packaging Industry
Pressure-Sensitive Labels, Stretch Sleeves and Shrink Sleeves
Pressure-Sensitive, Foil, In Mould and Resealable Labels
Colorant and Additive Technologies for Packaging
Analysis of IT Equipment for the Packaging Industry
Manual, Semiautomatic and Automatic Filling Machines
Flexographic, Coldset, Heatset and Sheetfed Inks
Stretch Wrappers
Aerosols and Speciality Packaging
Resins, Additives and Crosslinkers
Colour, Additive and Special Effect Concentrates for the Packaging Industry
Product Handling Systems for FMCG Production, Distribution and Packaging
PET Plastic Containers, PET Barrier Technology and Hot-Fill Packaging
Specialists in Caps, Pumps and Sprayers
Letterpress and Flexo Plates, Water-Wash Photopolymer Plates and Processing Equipment
High-Performance Packaging Machines
TCA-Free Corks and Products Systems for Wines
Plastic Packaging, Packaging Machinery, Complete Packaging Lines
DHL Whitepaper
Product Lifecycle Management Software and Services for the Packaging Industry
Providing Material Benefits for Flexible Packaging
Speciality and Barrier Films for Flexible Packaging
Liquid Packaging and Dispensing Solutions
Luxury Cardboard Packaging
Self-Standing Bags, Printed Rewind and Paper Sacks
Flexible Packaging for FMCG and Industrial Products
Tinplate Packaging, Tinplate Metal Coating and Tinplate Lithograph Printing
Packaging Design, Prototyping, Digital Asset Management, Artwork Approval and Workflow Management Solutions
High-Quality Flexible Packaging Slitter Rewinders
Automated Primary and Secondary Packaging Line Solutions
Complete Pallet Securing Solutions
Customised Cartons, Labelling, Tapes and Packaging Security
Pre-Cut Sealing Lids, Labels, Flexible Packaging
Supplier of Inkjet, Thermal Transfer, Laser Printers and Print and Apply Systems
Fully Automatic Packing Lines
Environmental Research and Development
Identity Document Design, Manufacture and Printing
Printing and Imaging for the Packaging Industry
Digital Imaging and Print Management Solutions for Commercial and Enterprise Printing
Inspection and Control Systems for the Printing Industry
Cleaning Technology for the Flexographic, Gravure and Offset Package Printing Industries
Container Systems for Handling and Transporting Bulk Liquids
Flexible Packaging, Shrink-Sleeves and Packaging Printing
Customized Printing Solutions for Commercial Products
Customised 3D Manufacturing Solutions for the Packaging Sector
Versatile Plastic Bags and Vacuum Pouches
Polythene Materials, Flexo Printing, and Flexible Plastics for Packaging
Doctor Blades for Flexographic Printing
Printed and Non-Printed Composite Films for Foods
Advanced Skin and Blister Packaging Solutions
Flexible Conveying Solutions for the Food and Packaging Industry
Flexible Barrier Packaging
Unitising and Palletising Systems
Bottles, Jars and Vials for Pharma, Cosmetics, Food and Drink Packaging
High-Quality Label Production for Wine, Beer and Spirits
Colour Management and Proofing Solutions to Tackle the Opportunities and Challenges of the Packaging Market
World's Largest Closures Manufacturer
Can and Vacuum Can Seaming, Filling and Can Sealing Machines
Variable Sleeve Web Offset Presses for Flexible Packaging, Carton and Label Applications
Coding Equipment and Consumables
Disposable Paper and Cardboard Food Packaging
Compressed Wood Pallets and Products
Aluminium and Plastic Closures and Caps for Bottles
Automatic and Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines
Swiss Printing Technologies
Security Hologram Foils for FMCG Packaging and Labeling
Adhesives, Sealants and Surface Treatments
Adhesive and Sealant Solutions for the Packaging Industry
Label and Packaging Presses for the Digital Era
Coding and Marking Printers
Plastic Carton Conversions and Manufacturing for the Packaging Industry
Thermoformed Plastic Food Packaging
Automated Systems for Containers and Packaging Solutions
Stretch Film Wrap and Stretch Wrapping Equipment
Durable Paperboard for Packaging
Testing and Certification for Child-Resistant Packaging
Manufacturer of Printing Inks and Coatings
Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and Cellulose Films for Packaging and Labels
Packaging Industry Reports and Analysis
ICD Research White Papers
Advanced Weighing and Packing Solutions
Packaging, Labelling and Overwrap Film Solutions
Automatic Ink Dispensing Systems
Filling and Capping Machines for the Food and Beverage Industry
Fully Automated Multipackaging Solutions and Secondary Packaging Machines
Reclosable Plastic Bags
Packaging Authentication Technology for Counterfeit Prevention
Sustainable Packaging Paper and Board for Multiple Applications
Chemistry and Application Expertise for Paper and Board Producers
EVAL™ EVOH Barrier Resins, KURARISTER™ films
Waste Extraction and Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Inkjet, Hot-Stamping, Laser and Thermal Transfer Printers, Laser Markable Label Systems, and Sleeve / Carton Feeder
Sleeve, Pouch and Tape Solutions
Coating Systems, Laminating Units, Unwinding and Rewinding Stations, and Drying and Humidification Systems
Web-Based Workflow Automation, Digital Asset Management, and Review and Approval
Anti-Counterfeiting Security Features for Packaging
Corrugated Boxes and Cartons
Brand Protection, Design, Production and Management for Packaging
Infrared Heaters and Hot Air Drying Systems
Pre-Press, Printing and Print Finishing Services
Dispensing Pumps, Closing Caps, Trigger Sprayers and Foamers
Packaging Materials, Flexible Packaging Films and Packaging Machinery
Case Closers and Erectors and Tray Formers for Packaging Applications
Design and Manufacture of Airless Metering Dispensers
Fresh Food Packaging Solutions
Can-Making Equipment
Slitter Rewinders and Converting Machines
Case and Tray Erectors, and Stretch Wrapping Equipment
Shrink Wrap and Stretch Hood Wrapping
Laser Converting Equipment and Service Solutions
Buyers, Rebuilders, Modifiers and Sellers of Process and Packaging Machinery
Food and Drink Packaging and Disposable Catering Products
Packaging Solutions for Big Bags, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) and Super Sacks.
Metallisation Services for Packaging Materials
Customised Thermoforming Machines, Clamp Frames, and Auxiliary Equipment
Barcode Reading, Verification and Analysis Technology
Non-Stop Unwinders and Rewinders
Precise Barcode Verification Devices
Principle Aluminium-based Packaging Manufacturer in the UK
Screen, Digital and Pad Printing Inks for Packaging Requirements
Brand Protection Technology
Specialised Packaging Films
Sustainable Cartonboard Packaging
Integrated product marking and coding solutions
Research Solutions for Packaging Development and Evaluation
Paperboard Packaging
Paperboard for the Packaging Industry
Paperboard for the Packaging Industry
Flow Wrap Technology for Food, Consumer and Sanitary Products
Plastic Bottles
Self-Adhesive Packaging Tapes
Testing Instrumentation and Testing Services for Package and Product Integrity
Thermoformers, Automatic Tray Sealers and Vacuum Chamber Machines
End-of-Line Packaging Machines: Wrapping and Shrink-Wrapping Machines, and Case-Packing Systems, Conveyors and Palletisers
High Resolution Thermal Inkjet Printers
Bag-in-Box Packaging Solutions for Beverages
Machines for High-Speed Weighing, Sorting, Grading and Packaging of Foods
Enabling Smart Packaging Through Materials, Equipment, and Process
Enterprise Barcode Labelling Solutions
UV-Curable Screen-Printing Inks and Coatings
Corrugated Cartons and Corrugated Packaging
Technology Centre for the Global Plastics and Packaging Markets
Leak Detection Systems
Flexible Packaging, Technical Films and Product Components
Vision Inspection and Traceability Solutions
Non-Destructive Leak Detection Solutions for the Packaging Industry
Filling and Packaging Machines
All-In-One Oxygen Analysers for Permeation Studies, Non-Invasive Headspace and Dissolved Oxygen Studies and Leak Detection
Sustainable Glass Container Manufacturing for the Packaging Industry
Versatile Robotic Packaging Solutions
Customisable and Reliable Contract Packaging Solutions
Flexible Lidding Solutions for Dairy and Drinks Containers
Customised Slitting and Sheeting Solutions for Packaging Applications
Printed Plastic and Paper Reels, Pouches, Bags and Shrink Sleeves
Packaging and Processing Expo in Shanghai, 11-13 July
Packaging Innovations and New Business Development
Flow Wrappers, Pouch Machines, Cartoners and Sealers
Industrial Stickers, Graphics and Custom Labels
Leak Detectors and Automation Equipment
Sleeving Systems for Packaging Industry, Shrink Sleeve Applicators and Shrink Tunnel, Stretch Sleeve Applicators
Adhesives and Heat Seal / Barrier Coatings
Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing for Packaging
Respiration Control Systems
Color and Additive Masterbatches
Packaging and Converting Executive Forum
Horizontal and Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machines, Multihead Weighers and Automatic Packaging Line
Product and Service Design Innovation Consultancy
Designing Packaging Solutions for a Range of Industries
PACKAGING INNOVATIONS London 2012 exhibition
Flexible Packaging Converter
Product and Service Design Innovation Consultancy
Rotationally Moulded Storage and Transportation Products
Color Selection and Communication Products and Services
Clear Plastic Folding Cartons
Specialty TPE Compounds
Plastic Caps and Closures for the Global Food and Beverage Industries
Plastic Packaging Handles
Chemical-Optical Sensors for Industry and Research
Flexible Package Sealing Solutions
End of Line Packaging Equipment
Laminate and Cosmetic Tube Lines, Metal Cap Lines
Airless and Beauty Care Packaging
Automated Can Filling and Packaging Design
High-Performance End-of-Line Palletizing Operations
Liquid Colours and Additives for Plastics
Industrial Coding and Marking Systems
World Leader in Liquid Packaging and Dispensing
Anti-Counterfeiting Labelling Systems and Security Labels
Industrial Lasers for Material Processing
Filling, Dosing and Packaging Solutions
Bottling Lines and Automatic Packaging Machines
Smart Sensor Solutions for the Packaging Industry
Customised Glass Bottle Packaging
Automated End-of-Line Packaging Equipment for Industrial Facilities
Exhibition for the Entire Value Chain of the Processing and Packaging Industry in China
Transparent Packaging Development and Manufacture
Paper-based Packaging Manufacture
Robust Plastic Weave Bags for Carrying Bulk Materials
Bakery Wicket Bags / Grip Seal Bags, and other Flexible Packaging Solutions
Complete Packaging and Unitising Solutions
Cereal, Pulse, Nut and Plastics Processing Equipment and Technology
Printing Inks and Coatings
SWED/CUT®: Premium Doctor Blades
Paper, Board and Packaging Solutions
Stretch Wrapping Machines and Services
High-Quality Packaging Coatings
High-Barrier Polymers for the Packaging Industry
Security Labels and Online Authentication for Brand Protection for Packaging
Design and Innovation for the Packaging Industry
Brand Lifecycle Management for the Packaging Industry
Pumps and Mechanical Seals
Pressure-Sensitive Labelling Systems
Specialised and Sustainable Packaging Design and Development
Glassine Paper
EPS Beads and PS Compounds, E-PLA and BioFoam
Brand Lifecycle Management and Product Lifecycle Management Software
High-Quality Printing, Packaging and Retail Display Products
Adhesive and Non-Adhesive Tapes
Aluminium Caps, Closures, Collars and Containers
Bag-in-Box Packaging
Labels, Tags and Label Applicators
Specialised Custom Packaging for Cannabis, CBD, Cosmetics and Pharma
Package Inspection Solutions for Consumer Products
Bottle Closures for Spirits, Drinks, Olive Oil, Wine, Cosmetics and Beer
High-Performance Packaging Machines and Processing Solutions
Vacuum Processing and Packaging Machines
Digital Printing Systems for the Packaging Industry
Versatile Synthetic Paper for Packaging and Labeling
Slitter Rewinders for Flexible Materials
Single-Use and Reusable Packaging, Corrugated Packages and Interior Packaging Fittings
Paper Converting Machinery
Process, Mixing and UV Offset Inks
Woven RFID Labels
Product Decoration and Identification Machinery
Polyolefin Grades for Food and Consumer Goods Packaging
Glass and Plastic Containers, Closures, Dispensers and Tubes
High-Class Cardboard and Print Packaging Solutions
High-Quality and High-Volume Printing for the Packaging Industry
Technical Self-Adhesive Tapes, Plate-Mounting Tapes and UV Strips
Brand Protection and Security Technology for Safeguarding Brands, Products and Supply Chains
Fully Automated Palletizers
Ultrasonic Packaging Sealing
Plastic Film and Plastic Bags
Brand Protection and Authentication Solutions
India’s Largest Multinational Flexible Packaging Materials and Solution Company
Off-the-Shelf and Bespoke Plastic Caps and Closures
Decorative Metal Packaging
Independent Supplier of Flexo and Digitally Printed Flexible Packaging
Packaging Equipment, Automation Systems and Services
Industrial Blades, Knives, Sharpening and Manufacturing
Ink Jets and Marking Products for Packaging
Vacuum Chamber Machines, Rollstock Thermoformers, Tray Sealers, and Packaging Material
Sustainable Plastic and Steel Packaging
Strapping Machines and Wrapping Equipment
Slitter Rewinders, Die-Cutting, Printing and Coating Machines
Standard and Custom Packaging Machinery
Plastic Caps, Lids and Dispensing Closures
Flexographic Presses and Gravure (Copperplate) Presses
Leak Detection Systems and Headspace Analysis Machines
Color Measurement Systems, Software, Standards and Services
Pallets, Crates, Boxes, and Industrial Packaging Solutions
Synthetic Papers and In-Mould Labelling Services
Synthetic Paper for Packaging and Labelling
FlowPap™ Paper-Based Flexible Laminate with Window
UV Ink Technology