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Clear Plastic Folding Cartons

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Printex is the original innovator of clear plastic folding cartons. Printex Packaging has been developing innovative visual packaging solutions since 1979. Visual packaging includes clear and printed plastic folding cartons; POP / POS display packaging; and integrated packaging using paper components and thermoformed components.

Clear folding cartons

Printex has developed and manufactured millions of packages for many Fortune 500 companies, including L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble and Unilever. Our customers come from a diverse spectrum of both size and products. We have done clear folding cartons for personal care, cosmetics, health and beauty, OTC pharmaceutical, wine and spirits, media, electronics, food and beverage, school and office supplies, apparel and many other consumer products.

Plastic folding carton and packaging design, fabrication, printing and decorating

Printex has state-of-the-art technologies and patented processes to manufacture the highest quality plastic folding cartons and packaging. We have in-house packaging design engineers and the ability to do full digital printed comps. We have a patented cutting and scoring technology that we use to give you a plastic folding carton that can be hand or machine filled. With the ability to do full process printing, screen printing and many other decorating processes, we can make your product’s packaging tower above the rest.

Sustainable plastic folding cartons and packaging

Printex uses the following materials in the production of plastic folding cartons and other visual packaging applications: PET, PP, PVC, HDPE and PS.

Printed polypropylene folding carton for golf ball promo.
Printed polypropylene reusable manicure kit package.
Heavy gauge PET printed folding carton with auto bottom and paper graphic insert.
PET and PVC POP / POS displays for counter or end caps in retail stores.
Sustainability – we offer 50% post-consumer PET and PET made from 30% renewable sources.

Printex is dedicated to sustainability; we are always in the process of testing new materials that have sustainability claims. We have the following materials available:

  • 50% post-consumer recycled content PET
  • 30% renewable content (ethanol from sugar) PET

We have fully implemented the five Rs (remove, reduce, reuse, renew and recycle) in to our way of packaging development and design.

Remove – we offer a unique opportunity to provide marketers with product visibility, eye-catching graphics and structural integrity without the need for additional components.

Reduce – we begin each project with this objective – package more while using less. We are able to reduce packaging via innovative design and choosing materials that will provide structural integrity with less overall weight.

Reuse – we use our innovative design abilities to develop packaging that will allow the consumer to reuse it. This achieves the obvious of no waste but also allows the retailer to further promote and brand long-term.

Renew – we continue to work with suppliers of renewable materials, and finding the correct materials that will continue to have the same characteristics as today’s oil-based materials is always a priority for us.

Recycle – all of the scrap and trim materials produced in our packaging manufacturing process are diverted from the waste stream and sent back to our material suppliers. We also offer a 50% post-consumer PET material that is made from recycled water bottles.

Plastic cartons, displays, bags and holders

Our product capabilities include:

  • Plastic folding cartons – machine filled or hand loaded
  • Power chutes – gravity feed displays
  • Displays, display headers, signage and posters
  • Dump bins
  • Shelf talkers
  • Literature holders
  • Plastic conformer expansion envelopes
  • Tote bags
  • Lenticular products – folding cartons, post cards, signage and labels
  • Windowed folding cartons (paperboard cartons with plastic windows)
  • Vacuum formed integration
  • Four corner glued – 2pc cartons
  • Rounds (cylinders)

Benefits of clear folding carton

Whether your objectives are for a new launch or an existing product, you should not have a relaxed tactic in your packaging strategy. Our custom-designed packaging is an investment to realize your objectives to capture market share.

  • Maximum product visibility
  • Maximum visual impact on shelf
  • Dazzling colors and special effects are enhanced with clear plastic
  • Durable and can be made tamper-evident
  • Brand differentiation and brand identity

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