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FlowPap™ Paper-Based Flexible Laminate with Window

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Ypap manufactures flexo printed paper-based laminates and wrapping papers for the food and other industries. We also provide coating with water-based barrier-coatings for paper and board.

Paper-based flexible laminate with window for FFS and lidding applications

The unique FlowPap™ product range is ideal for bakery and food applications. FlowPap™ is a paper-based flexible laminate with window. It is delivered in reels and can be used in conventional horizontal or vertical form-fill-seal machines. FlowPap™ can also be used as a topfilm lidding material for trays or thermoformed packaging.

FlowPap™ is an efficient and hygienic way of packaging fresh food products, and the packaging can be made more attractive by using different shaped windows and printing. The window can be die cut or continuous.

The combination of paper and film in the laminate provides the packaging with the best qualities of both materials. The product is visible through the window, and has the right barrier properties and the desired high-quality, fresh image that every premium brand deserves.

The FlowPap™ paper laminate is an efficient and hygienic solution for bread.
FlowPap™ gives your premium brand the fresh image it deserves.
FlowPap™ is tailor-made to have the right high-barrier properties and features.
FormPap, based on Billerud Fibreform™, is a thermoformable paper for bottom film applications.
Ypap’s compostable fast food BioWrap™ wrapping papers enable safe and hygienic packing of food products.

Thermoformable paper

Ypap recently launched a new product called FormPap, based on Billerud Fibreform™. FormPap is a combination of thermoformable paper and film and is designed to be used as bottom film material for sliced ham, poultry and cheese packaging. FormPap can be used together with Ypap’s FlowPap™ lidding material.

Compostable fast food wrapping paper

Ypap offers the compostable BioWrap™ wrapping paper with an optimised grease and moisture barrier. The wrapping papers enable safe and hygienic packing of all kinds of fast food products. All our wrapping papers are delivered with customer-specific printing and in desired sheet-sizes and pack-sizes.

Our open-minded and flexible organisation combined with our technology enables us to find premium solutions together with our customers.


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