Valley Grinding & Manufacturing (VG) is one of the largest cutting tool manufacturers in the US. It manufactures a wide variety of industrial blades, knives and bands, including circular knives, bottom bands, flat knives, solid carbide and solid ceramic razor blades, and other specialty knives, as well as a patented TRU-FIT (Pat.5,085,535) split band.

Founded in 1987, Valley Grinding has earned a reputation as a premium supplier of industrial blades, knives and grinding services to the converting and manufacturing industries for the past two decades. Advancing its manufacturing techniques through the principles of Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints, VG provides cutting-edge technology at affordable prices.

Punching tools, dies and die sharpening services

Valley Grinding is the exclusive North American representative for STAMFAG Precision Punching Tools, a Swiss manufacturer and leading provider of premium punching tools, dies and die sharpening services. STAMFAG punching tools offer the highest reliability regarding form, are equipped with replaceable waste cutters, have adaptable cutting geometry and are backed by the OEM quality re-sharpening service provided by Valley Grinding.

Valley Grinding is also the only company in North America authorized to perform crown replacements for STAMFAG. New dies and crowns are produced in either S5, S10 or carbide based on your individual requirements.

STAMFAG punching tools offer the highest reliability regarding form.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
TRU-FIT split bands from Valley Grinding are made of hardened steel to improve wear resistance.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
Valley Grinding top slitter blades provide extremely dependable performance.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
Valley Grinding shear slitting bottom bands (steel and carbide) eliminate chipping from impurities or gaps.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
Valley Grinding can customize knife angles and materials to provide the cleanest cuts and longest run-time.

Hardened-steel split bands

TRU-FIT split bands (Pat.5,085,535) manufactured by Valley Grinding are available in outside diameter sizes ranging from 3in to 12in. The patented locking device allows the split bands to be installed and removed without having to disassemble heavy shafts and gears saving valuable time.

Superfinished cutting edges reduce friction between bottom band and top slitter, resulting in less blade wear, extended run times, improved cut quality and reduction of dusting.

The use of through-hardened D-2 material improves wear resistance and impact strength for stronger and longer lasting parts. These bands come in single, double or multi cutting edges providing maximized slit positions per unit and are manufactured to customer specifications.

Top slitter blades

Manufactured in-house to precise specifications, Valley Grinding top slitter blades provide a perfect fit, extremely dependable performance and a variety of design options, including:

  • Custom-made to OEM specifications and tolerances in order to match existing OEM machine specifications
  • Custom holder shapes including custom angles (single or double bevel) or wide rims
  • Multiple material types: 52-100, D-2, M-2, A11 to name a few
  • Polished secondary angles to reduce roll flair in plastic films and minimize dusting and angel hair fibers
  • Superfinished cutting edges

Shear slitting bottom bands

By using American Iron & Steel Institute certified steel, Valley Grinding shear slitting bottom bands eliminate chipping from impurities or gaps and provide consistent wear and run-time whether using a wrap or tangential slitting format.

Available in a variety of materials for all cutting requirements and budgets, Valley Grinding solid shear slitting bottom bands can be manufactured in both US and metric specifications.

Carbide inlay bottom bands

Valley Grinding manufactures carbide inlay bottom bands using pure virgin carbide inserts. These bands offer longer run times, better cut quality, improved surface finish and less wear on the top slitter blades. The perfect balance of cobalt and tungsten results in blades that are safe to run at any speed while maximizing wear resistance.

VG will custom manufacture in single or double cutting edges to meet individual geometric requirements.

Ceramic and tungsten carbide razor blades

Valley Grinding provides both solid ceramic and solid tungsten carbide razor blades in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet virtually any slitting need.

The smooth surface of ceramic razor blades provides superior lubricity and reduces friction by up to 24%, making them ideal for film converting or other adhesive applications.

Tungsten carbide blades feature the sharp cutting edges that resist nicking and last many times longer than regular steel blades.

Sheeter knives

Leading the industry in quality sheeter knife manufacturing, Valley Grinding can customize knife angles and materials to provide the cleanest cuts and longest run-time. They also maintain a large inventory of cross cut knives to ensure that product is available upon demand.

Perforation blades

In addition to stocking many standard perforation blades, Valley Grinding also works closely with its customers to select packaging and perforation blade configurations and bond patterns best suited to match existing machine specifications.

Valley Grinding offers a multitude of products and services in addition to those listed above, including holder repairs, trim chopper rebuilds, inventory management programs, specialized billing and much more. Please contact VG or visit their website to learn how they can better serve you.