For more than 30 years, Lablabo has specialised in the design, manufacturing and sale of airless metering dispensers for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The range includes valves, pumps and pouch-bottles.

The first airless pouch dispenser was launched by Lablabo in 1995. Since then, Lablabo has been constantly improving its innovative product range to meet customers’ requirements.

Airless pouch dispensers

A complete Lablabo airless pouch dispenser consists of a pouch-bottle, a metering pump and an overcap. This airless pack will provide perfect airtightness to protect the product from external contamination; after dispensing, no air will return inside the pump and pouch.

Lablabo’s metering dispensers feature:

Lablabo's high efficiency airless dispenser (HEAD) features a powerful airless pump.
A complete Lablabo airless pouch dispenser consists of a pouch-bottle, metering pump and an overcap.
An airless metering dispenser enables precise dosage of the product.
The pouch system allows you to give a shape to your packaging.
With the Twinbag line you can dispense products either separately or together, from two separate chambers.
  • Dispensing of various viscosities from any position, even upside-down
  • Excellent restitution rates
  • Constant and precise dosage
  • Different materials available for the pouch
  • Several pump options
  • Easy filling process, no special equipment required
  • No metal parts in contact with the product

Our product range includes pouch volumes from 15ml up to 250ml, pump dosage from 0.25ml up to 3ml, the possibility to choose between PE and aluminium for the pouch and also the possibility to have one or two separate pouches with our Twinbag line.

Airless dispensers for sensitive formulas

Because sensitive formulas require very high protection during the dispensing of the formula and throughout its shelf life, Lablabo has designed a new dispenser that will provide the highest protection level throughout the life of your product – the high efficiency airless dispenser (HEAD).

The HEAD’s powerful and accurate airless pump includes a self-sealing actuator and is associated with an easy filling aluminoplastic pouch, EasyFoil, protected by a rigid bottle.

This result is:

  • No evaporation
  • No oxidation
  • No desiccation
  • No UV degradation
  • No material interaction
  • No metallic parts in contact

You can fill it with a standard machine and choose the dosage of the pump as well as the correct pouch volume.

Airless dispensers with dual pouch

Twinbag airless dispensers offer the advantages linked to blown pouches, such as the use of two semi-cylindrical pouches in a cylindrical bottle with an optimised volume. There are two versions of this dispenser available, the Twinbag Solo, for two incompatible products, and the Twinbag Duo, for two complementary products.

Both pumps in the Twinbag Solo are activated by a single actuator that keeps the products separated until dispensed. Each pump in the Twinbag Duo is equipped with its own actuator and both products may be used independently.

An ISO certified manufacturer of primary packaging materials

Already ISO 9001 certified since 2003, Lablabo obtained the ISO 15378 certification in December 2010, which covers primary packaging materials for medicinal products.