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Product Handling Systems for FMCG Production, Distribution and Packaging

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CSi industries supplies fully integrated material handling systems and has installations throughout the world. As a turnkey supplier CSi provides a complete package, from initial consultancy and design, to production, assembly, delivery, installation, commissioning and lifecycle support.

CSi maintains a strong market position with customers such as producers of fast moving consumer goods, distributors and the packaging industry. We owe this position to the reliability of our products and services, our ability to design bespoke solutions, our innovation and expertise, our passion and drive, and our total commitment to customer satisfaction.

For over 45 years CSi has been at the forefront of palletising technology. Therefore CSi today is one of Europe’s leading materials handling companies, specialised in end-of-line packing and palletising systems.

Conveyors for pack transport

CSi manufactures an extensive range of conveyors to cope with a diverse range of materials handling applications. Our strength lies in designing either standard modular systems or a more customised conveyor solution. Our complete turnkey approach allows us to design conveyor systems that provide the vital link between packing lines and downstream case handling systems such as automated palletising machines.

The i-Pal standard robot cell is a complete and compact robotic palletising unit for installation just at the end of a production or packaging line.
The CERTA is CSi's latest low-level infeed palletiser that can handle up to 50 cases a minute.
The TAROS palletiser is a high-level infeed layer palletiser with a capacity range suitable for end-of-line as well as centralised palletising applications.
Case conveying solutions for products such as cardboard cases, cartons, trays, foil wrap trays and plastic tote bins.
Modular pallet conveyor concepts to link all of the logistic functions in the most intelligent and cost-effective way.

Robotic palletising systems

Palletising systems save time and eliminate the need for heavy manual palletising activities at the end of the packing line and can therefore provide a very significant return on investment. Robotic palletising solutions can handle multiple products at once. Due to the various CSi gripper designs available, robots offer a highly flexible palletising solution and a multi-functional gripper head can de-stack pallets ready for palletising, palletise products in the correct configuration, and also apply bottom sheet, top sheets and layer pads.

End-of-line palletising equipment

CSi end-of-line palletising machines tend to be simple in design and construction and therefore offer the most reliable and least expensive palletising solutions. The CERTA (low-infeed) and TAROS (high-infeed) palletising machines of CSi are built from the highest quality components, giving very high levels of system availability and thus reducing operation and maintenance costs. Automatic palletising with this high-quality palletiser guarantees accurate pallet stacking, which enables pallets to be wrapped flawlessly.

Centralised high-speed palletising systems

Multi-load systems are designed to palletise a range of products from a number of production lines at a centralised location. For this purpose the C5000i palletiser is very suitable. It can handle a wide range of products and packaging materials and, with no change-over time, the switch from one product to another is fully automatic. The mechatronic design offers a very high level of system reliability and guarantees the smooth handling of fragile and delicate products.

Mixed palletising

In more and more cases customers want to ship different products on a pallet. Traditional palletising solutions are inadequate for these needs. CSi has developed a state-of-the-art solution to create pallets with different SKUs on each layer, or even pallets constructed from a range of SKUs of different sizes. CSi is one of the world’s leading robot integrators and has a proven track record in providing automated robotic order-picking solutions of this type.

High-speed blanks stacking equipment

For over 30 years CSi has been providing innovative solutions for handling carton blanks at extremely high speeds for the world’s leading carton packaging manufacturers. We have successfully integrated high-speed blanks stacking equipment, capable of receiving cartons from folder gluing lines at speeds of up to 450m/min. Custom-made carton erecting equipment is also integrated into the end-of-line case packing and palletising systems and can handle most carton blank shapes and formats.

Press Releases

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    On 10 May 2011 the first ever Romanian Business Award was presented to CSi during the Romanian Business day in the Kyocera Stadium in The Hague. Mr Kees Oosting, CSi's chief operations officer and DGA CSi Industries, received the award from the Romanian Ambassador, Mr Calin Fabian. The award aims

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    CSi, the Dutch supplier of intelligent product handling systems, is making sure that one of its clients in France is able to increase its output capacity to 770 pallets by the hour - seven days a week and 24hr a day. The client is one of the largest producers in the world for fast moving consumer


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