Flexo Wash distributes a diverse line of highly advanced flexographic and converter cleaning equipment for the packaging industry.

We customise our equipment to fit the growing complexity of cleaning needs in the packaging industry, using specialised holders for anilox rolls and doctor blade chambers for example.

All Flexo Wash machines have a 100% automatic washing process, eliminating any manual labour in the washing process.

The perfect cleaning result created in a Flexo Wash machine originated from a label printer and has been achieved through 30 years of constant development.

The fully automatic anilox roll cleaners are designed to deep clean / restore anilox rolls or sleeves of all sizes.
FW 992 XL.NXT enables users to clean two aniloxes per wash.
Due to the modular construction of the MCC, the system can be configured according to different needs.
The Multi Cylinder Cleaner is designed to clean a larger number of rotogravure cylinders and is built in separate sections according to the modular concept.
Flexibility makes it possible to clean several narrow web rolls or a combination of narrow and wide web rolls and sleeves in one machine.
The PK washing units are user-friendly parts washers, where the press parts are easily slid into the unit from the front.
The fully automatic Plate Washers are designed to wash flexographic polymer and letterpress plates, ready for immediate reuse or storage handling.
Flexo Wash offers a wide range of cleaning liquids for different ink types and applications.

Leading flexographic and converter cleaning technology

Flexo Wash’s mission is to help label printers improve their productivity, keep a constant print quality and a safe, healthy working environment.

The reduction of downtime, waste and investments in aniloxes, plates, ink and materials is a key factor for every label printer, together with the brand owners’ needs for a high, constant print quality and short delivery times.

Having the right washing equipment helps customers optimise their production and get the most out of their printing press.

Eco-friendly cleaning liquids for all ink types

The working environment and the environment around us have always been of high importance for Flexo Wash. All Flexo Wash equipment is built to clean with environmentally friendly cleaning liquids and has been designed to consume as little cleaning liquid as possible. The liquid is always filtrated and recirculated to be reused in the machines.

Flexo Wash has a complete range of special cleaning liquids that can solve the cleaning demands of all ink types and applications. The liquids are developed to meet today’s demands of high print quality and productivity, which can only be achieved if all aniloxes, print plates and other press parts are kept clean.

Flexo Wash liquids are of high durability and are formulated for the longest stand time, trouble-free operation and long service intervals. This helps to make eco-friendly cleaning liquids an affordable alternative, providing safer cleaning of parts and a better environment.

About Flexo Wash

Flexo Wash was founded 30 years ago by an inventive Danish label printer who faced the increased requirements for improved print quality and safe and efficient production. He strove to create cleaning units that would reduce downtime on his press.

The first Flexo Wash Parts Washer was built by using his old dishwasher. He later started building other machines where he could recover the anilox cell volume completely in a few minutes.

Flexo Wash is constantly developing its products and strives to make innovative solutions to meet the demand of its customers while being user friendly at the same time. Today, Flexo Wash products are distributed around the world through a wide network of subsidiaries and distributors, making the company a world leader in flexographic and converter cleaning technology.