TopTier fully automated palletizers are used throughout industry by Fortune 500 companies. Incomparable ease of use, cost, compact size, durability, and layout flexibility separate TopTier palletizers from all other solutions.

Palletizers to suit any application

TopTier palletizers handle cases, bags, bundles, buckets, and trays. Models are available in both high and floor level infeed at speeds from 10 to 80 cases per minute. TopTier offers both traditional layer-build and robotic solutions. With TopTier’s exclusive stretch wrap option, loads are automatically wrapped as layers are deposited – with no impact on throughput rates.

Advanced-design palletizers

Patented innovations from TopTier provide size and price advantages by simplifying fundamental case layer build and case layer set down functions. The simple four-corner lift system eliminates the expense and complexity of handling cantilevered loads.

  • Simplified modular designs for any requirement
  • Strong laser-cut and CNC-formed welded frames
  • Many case metering and case turning solutions
  • Electronic gapping of product for layer pattern build
  • Four-sided layer conditioning and centering
  • Large layer build area for gap patterns
  • VFD-controlled motors
  • CE certified
  • Quality components throughout, including SEW-Eurodrive and Allen Bradley; other control platforms available

Easy to use palletizers

TopTier palletizers combine the most recent advances in machine control technology with the easiest control interface on the market.

TT-L20 – low infeed with stretch wrap option.
TT-L10 – low infeed tall load with stretch wrap option.
TT-H50 – high infeed with slip sheet option.
RoboTier – integrated robot in multiple configurations.
Stacker model – economical alternative to hand stacking.
  • Color touchscreen control interface
  • EasyStack™ pattern programming
  • Any pallet pattern
  • 50 patterns standard with expansion available
  • Instantly change patterns from alphanumeric list
  • All patterns retain unique build instructions
  • Comprehensive error messaging with simple recovery

Palletizer options and accessories

TopTier offers options and accessories to meet any production requirement. All accessories are integrated into the EasyStack control system and operations are fully automatic.

  • Inline or right-angle product infeed
  • Tie sheet, slip sheet, or pallet liner insertion
  • Case turning options from simple bump-turn to labels-out
  • Several pallet dispenser designs
  • Roller, chain, and wire mesh palletized load conveyors
  • Concurrent stretch wrapping
  • Oversized loads to 60in x 60in layers and/or 110in tall
  • Stainless-steel construction available
  • Dual stacking and other custom configurations available

Safe palletizers

TopTier palletizers are designed with a focus on operator safety. Every unit is fully enclosed by doors, tunnels or light curtains monitored by redundant contact safety relays.

  • Category III enclosure
  • Infeed safety tunnel
  • Muting light curtain at load exit
  • OSHA-compliant lockouts
  • Tamper-proof fiber optic door interlock safety circuit

Palletizing systems

A dedicated palletizer for each production line is more reliable, less expensive, easier to maintain, and more flexible than typical single-point-of-failure solutions. TopTier’s compact size and low cost allow dedicated palletizers in simple modular layouts that require less space and enhance long-term flexibility.

Compact, flexible palletizers

TopTier manufactures palletizers exclusively. TopTier designs are backed by decades of material handling engineering and machine building experience, including robotic solutions. When introduced in the ’80s, robots were the superior solution to legacy layer building palletizers for low to moderate speed applications. TopTier has now revolutionized both layer building and robot palletizers with machines that are smaller, safer, equally flexible, and lower cost to purchase and live with than standard robots.

TopTier delivers proven state-of-the-art palletizing solutions. Our patented technology uses simplified and modular mechanical designs for increased reliability and layout flexibility. Industry-leading controls architecture provides unmatched ease of use. Contact TopTier for palletising solutions that work.