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3D AG Holographic Security Elements for Product and Brand Protection

3D AG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of holographic security elements for product and brand protection (labels, tags and hot stamping foils), high-security applications (e.g. banknotes, passports, driving licences, tickets, vouchers and certificates) and decorative patterns for refined packaging for sales promotion.

Hologram brand protection

Holograms and diffractive optical variable image devices (DOVIDs) are optical security elements that are used to identify goods for protection against counterfeiting, imitations and manipulations. Holograms contain micro and nano-structures that cannot be copied or scanned.

The strong visual elements of the hologram can be easily communicated throughout the distribution chain and also to the general public and the end-user. This type of optical element inspires consumer confidence.

Examples of holographic brand protection

The types of holographic brand protection employed by 3D AG are:

  • 2D – based on a two-dimensional graphic image, in which all elements are stored on one level
  • 2D/3D – the graphic elements are separated and placed on two or three different layers, providing a sense of depth (parallax effect)
  • 3D – the depth effect distinguishes this hologram from others; however, for optimal viewing conditions a direct source of light is required
  • Dot matrix – produces a continuous rainbow effect and performs excellently under a variety of lighting conditions
  • Dot matrix combination – combined with classic 3D holograms dot matrix provides endless opportunities for new and interesting holographic effects
  • E-Beam – provides ultra high resolution diffractive structures and nanostructures, which make counterfeiting nearly impossible
  • 3D Dynagram – patterns are optically coded to appear to rotate or blossom as the hologram is tilted
  • Flip-effect – two superimposed images that provide an effective ‘image flip’, where a tilt of the hologram reveals either one or the other image
  • Hidden feature – covert information that is integrated into the hologram during the origination process, and that can only be read with a special reading device
  • Microtext – fields of text as small as 0.1mm, too small to be read by the human eye
  • Stereogram – the graphic image or object is shot in several viewing angles to produce a moving effect
  • True colour elements – the graphic image can be given gradations in both colour and shading, making the image appear real or ‘alive’
  • Kryptolens – this new high-security covert feature for holographic images is a result of collaboration between Jura JSP and 3D AG, and can be integrated into any of 3D AG’s holographic designs

Custom-made holograms for brand protection

Our graphic specialists will work closely with you to transform your creative idea, graphic representation or model into the perfect hologram for your product. We employ computer-assisted graphic preparation for all holographic images, and we provide you with a graphic proposal for your approval before your custom-made hologram is created.

Electroformed nickel shims

When the holographic image is ready to be transferred on to a nickel shim our electroforming department uses a unique galvanic process to achieve this. Just as you receive a graphic proposal of the hologram before its origination, we will provide you with an approval shim before completing your order.

We also provide electroforming services to universities and independent research institutes involved in the generation and evaluation of new optical devices.

Hologram embossing for self-adhesive labels and hot-stamping foil

In the final stage of hologram production the nickel master shim is mounted on our embossing machine to produce your final product. Whether you require the hologram as self-adhesive labels or hot-stamping foil, we provide a large selection of foils for your specific promotional and security needs with very efficient lead times.

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Laettichstrasse 4a

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