Euromac develops and produces advanced slitter rewinders for plastic films, laminates, aluminium foil, paper and other materials, for both food and non-food flexible packaging.

The Italy-based company tailors its technical and electronic solutions, as well as its after-sales activities, to clients’ requirements, providing a product range that satisfies the highest expectations.

High-quality flexible packaging slitter rewinder machines manufactured in Italy

Euromac designs its slitter rewinder machines using modern 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) systems and manufactures them in its factories in Italy, which are equipped with technologically innovative manufacturing machines. Managing all aspects of production in-house guarantees accurate and high-quality packaging machines.

The machines’ electronic controls and functions are original Euromac concepts, which work with software developed by the company’s technical and electrical engineers.

Euromac’s TB-3 series of turret slitting and rewinding machines feature a single-shaft or Duplex rewinding system and lay-on rolls.
The TB-3T2 features a double-turret rewinding system for low downtimes of 30 seconds.
The TB-8 primary slitting and rewinding series by Euromac use primary film flexible packaging material for heavy-duty applications.
Euromac’s compact doctoring CB machines series feature double shaft capabilities and can be customised to run in both directions.
Euromac manufactures and dispatches its slitter and rewinder machine products globally from its facilities near Milan and Turin.
Euromac has installed a solar panel roof at its main factory to produce its own green energy.

Euromac machines are equipped with high-quality and traceable electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic components, and the company’s products, parts and services are available worldwide.

Standard and customised slitting and rewinding solutions

The company manufactures slitting and rewinding machines specific to customer requirements, based either on standard models, or innovative project studies, which become industry standards.

Turret slitting and rewinding machines for laminates, plastic films and aluminium foils

Euromac’s TB-3 series of slitting and rewinding machines are versatile, suitable for a variety of flexible packaging materials, laminates, plastic films, special papers and aluminium foils.

The TB-3 series’ key feature is the Duplex or single shaft rewinding system assisted by lay-on rolls, as well as the machine’s high-composition capability and range of post-slitting and automation options.

The TB-3T2 series’ key feature is its double-turret rewinding system for low downtimes of 30 seconds. The machine allows a high composition capability and range of post-slitting and automation options.

Euromac’s TB-3 machines are capable of working with web widths from 600mm up to 2,200mm and for rewind diameters of 600mm, 800mm and a 1,000mm option.

Heavy-duty slitting and rewinding machines with overhead bridge paths

The TB-6 series of slitting and rewinding machines by Euromac are versatile and heavy-duty. They are suitable for a variety of flexible packaging materials and specialty films and feature overhead bridge paths. The overhead bridge paths allow for greater accessibility for cleaning purposes and roll handling.

Other key features of the TB-6 series include simple web doctoring and finished roll unloading on moving trolleys, as well as a range of automation options.

The TB-6 machines are capable of working with web widths up to 3,500mm and rewind diameters up to 1,500mm, and can be customised to suit customer needs.

Simple web doctoring, primary film slitting and rewinding machines

Euromac’s TB-8 series of primary slitting and rewinding machines are suitable for heavy-duty applications using primary film.

The TB-8 series offers more robust slitting and rewinding machines, suitable for increased web widths. They feature overhead bridge web paths for cleaning purposes, as well as trouble-free web doctoring and finished roll unloading using moving trolleys.

The TB-8 series is suitable for web widths up to 8,000mm and rewind diameters up to 1,200mm. In addition to Euromac’s standard configuration TB-8 machines, the company develops specialised machinery solutions for custom projects.

Versatile doctoring and rewinding machines for flexible packaging materials

The versatile CB-RB series of doctoring and roll-rewinding machines are ideal for flexible packaging materials, such as plastic films, laminates, special papers and aluminium foils.

Euromac’s CB series of compact doctoring machines feature double-shaft capabilities and are also available with dual-running direction abilities.

The RB series of roll rewinders ensures high-quality work for heavy-duty applications using shaft or shaftless-rewind, assisted by a lay-on roller.

CB-RB series machines are suitable for web widths from 600mm to 2,200mm and rewind diameters of 600mm and 800mm, and from 1,000mm to 1,500mm. The machines are highly adaptable and can be modified by Euromac prior to delivery to cater to customer specific requirements.

Automation and roll handling

Euromac can equip its machines with a range of automation, suitable to implement operator’s ergonomy and safety, as well as increase production output, such as computer-controlled blade set-up, automatic core-positioning and various roll offloading and palletising systems.

About Italy-based flexible packaging slitter rewinders manufacturer Euromac

Founded in 1968 in Villanova Monferrato, Euromac is one of the world’s leading producers of slitter rewinders for flexible packaging. The company is located near Milan and Turin, thus is suitable for quick deliveries and is easily accessible from north-Italy’s main airports.

Euromac employs more than 120 staff across two locations, providing products predominantly (80%) to international markets. The company has sold more than 2,000 machines worldwide.

Euromac and environment sustainability

Euromac has installed a full solar panel roof at its main factory in Villanova Monferrato to produce the company’s own green energy.

The company also uses water-based paintings and has a low energy consumption, thanks to its use of regenerative technology.