BoYuan Technology Material (Yan Tai) is a modern hi-tech company located in YanTai, Shandong Province, China, on a modern 86 acre site. The company has over 10 years experience in providing paper and paperboard-based packaging materials and has an abundant amount of experience in metallising paper, paperboard and film.

BoYuan’s philosophy is to provide sustainable packaging materials that are either biodegradable or recyclable through a paper mill. All substrates used in our paper are from FSMC sources.

Direct metallised packaging products

Several years ago BoYuan formed a technical partnership with Optimum Metallising (Optimet) of Australia. This strong partnership has enabled BoYuan to use Opimets unique and proprietary coating formulations and 25 years worth of experience to develop a range of direct metallised products that are not only biodegradable but also have some unique finishes. In fact the OptiLuxe (BoYuan reference BY-DBMG and BY- DBMS), first introduced at the 2010 Pace Forum, was specifically designed for the partnership.

Based on this background BoYuan have invested over US$20 million in the most up to date, high-speed electronic beam coating equipment and the latest continuous metallising equipment. This was done in order to enable the company to present world class products and provide production capacity of over 50,000t per year. It is working towards producing over 150,000t in the next five years.

BoYuan provides paper and paperboard-based packaging materials and has abundant experience in metallising paper and paperboard.
BoYuan's partnership with Opimet has resulted in a range of direct metallised packaging products.
BoYuan aims to be an internationally recognised supplier of high-quality biodegradable packaging materials.
BoYuan aims to be an internationally recognised supplier of high-quality biodegradable packaging materials.
OptiLuxe packaging materials have matt finishes with platinum surface appearance and a glitter finish to the surface.

High-speed electronic beam coating line

The new high-speed electronic beam coating line will run at speeds up to 1,000m per minute. Its electronic beam curing means that the coating is carried out at room temperature with no need to heat the web during its manufacture. This means that there are no solvents used in the creation of the coatings and no hazardous pollutants are exhausted in the process.

Metallising is carried out in a reel to reel vacuum process that allows the aluminium to be evaporated and condensed onto specially pre-coated substrate. The technology also allows for selective metallising, enabling the production of security products when required.

High-quality biodegradable packaging materials

BoYuan is now focusing on the international market whilst maintaining and growing its market share in China. The company wants to become an internationally recognised supplier of high-quality biodegradable packaging materials. It has a strong commitment to international markets and has established a UK office to serve the European and Eastern European markets.

BoYuan’s products include:

  • Direct metallised paper and paperboard, silver, gold, matt and bright
  • Transfer metallised paper and paperboard
  • Patterned or selective direct metallised paper and paperboard
  • Holographic transfer metallised paper and paperboard
  • Direct metallised film
  • Colour coated paper and paperboard

Selective metallising and the OptiLuxe matt finish

The most unique BoYuan product is selective metallising and the OptiLuxe matt finish with the platinum surface appearance with a glitter to the surface. The base coating provides the unique glitter surface finish.

Direct metallised product benefits are:

  • Good visual effects and printability
  • 100% solids coatings no VOCS
  • Unique finish on matt products glistening effect
  • No emissions during the coating process
  • Product suitable for both high and low speed packing machines
  • Suitable for food applications
  • Reduction in crease and colour cracking against transfer metallised products
  • Biodegradable or recyclable through a paper mill

BoYuan is a company committed to innovation, development and providing both the brand owner and packaging manufacturers with high-quality innovative, sustainable packaging materials.