Solvay Specialty Polymers is one of the global leaders in high-performance plastics, offering more products with more performance than any other polymer company in the world. Its broad portfolio in specialty polymers includes more than 30 brands available in over 1,500 formulations that are perfect for use in demanding applications around the globe.

High-barrier polymers for packaging and product protection

The Diofan® and Ixan® high-barrier polymers product lines are part of the broad portfolio of Solvay Specialty Polymers. Due to their unrivalled combination of properties they are the smart choice for packaging and product protection.

Diofan and Ixan high-barrier polymer grades enhance and upgrade packaging materials by giving them barrier properties which prevent the transmission of water vapour, oxygen, or the ingress of odours. Diofan and Ixan provide strong seals to make hermetic packages, and it improves the appearance of packaging through its transparency, gloss, print-adhesion and scratch resistance.

Packaging systems are becoming more and more complex due to the demanding requirements of increasingly globalised supply chains. Diofan and Ixan polymers assure that all these products stay fresh and unaltered until they are consumed. The barrier material portfolio of Solvay Specialty Polymers complies with international regulations covering materials used in direct contact with food and drug products. Diofan and Ixan barrier polymers have been tested, evaluated and used safely for over 60 years.

Barrier film packaging for extending the shelf-life of fresh meats.
Multilayer films provide the ideal ripening conditions for cheese.
Extruded mono films with barrier resins and coated substrates are used in sausage casings for low weight losses during storage and distribution.
Blister packs protect each tablet or capsule.
OPET and OPA films can be used as a lid for thermoformed trays to pack fresh food.

Barrier film packaging for long shelf-life of meats and fish

For both modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum packaging, there is a common need for very high barrier materials that can prevent contact with outside air and invasive bacteria, reduce internal water loss, and improve health and meat safety: Ixan high-barrier packaging materials meet these requirements.

Ixan extrusion grades provide long-lasting protection for advanced packaging and medical film solutions, maximising customer satisfaction with minimum risk. Barrier film packaging solutions are a reliable choice for achieving a long shelf-life for the packaging of fresh meats, processed meats, fresh fish, and frozen fish along with excellent pack appearance.

Meat packaging Ixan resins and ready-to-use premixes can be extruded and coextruded to films (heat shrinkable or not) and to thermoformable sheets.

High-barrier polymers with multilayer films for ripened and full-flavoured cheese

Ixan and Diofan high-barrier polymers can be used in the production of multi layer film structures to take full advantage of the materials’ exceptional barrier properties to prevent the ingress of undesired oxygen. The multilayer films also provide the ideal ripening conditions and full flavour formation that can be perfectly aligned according to the type of cheese.

Extruded mono film with barrier resins and coated substrates for sausage casings

Extruded mono film with Ixan barrier resins and Diofan-coated substrates can both be used in sausage casings to provide excellent shelf-life and low weight losses during storage and distribution. Other advantages include controlled shrinkage, resistance against heat and high mechanical stress and suitability for pasteurisation.

Thermoformable multilayer films for barrier blister packaging

Blister packs perfectly protect each individual tablet or capsule and are considered to be the best packaging for pharmaceuticals, in terms of safety, traceability, hygiene and product life. Diofan dispersions are the perfect raw materials for making advanced thermoformable multilayer films, which are suitable as a reliable secure packaging solution for drugs that are sensitive to moisture.

Biaxially oriented polypropylene films and Diofan coated structures

Oriented PP, PET and PA films, as well as paper are widely used in complexes for various packaging applications. Associated with Diofan, OPET and OPA films are suitable as high performance barrier films that can be used, for example, as a lid for thermoformed trays to pack fresh food and also under modified atmosphere (MAP).

You will find the films in stand-up pouches and transparent and printed packaging solutions to protect fatty products such as baked food, chocolate and olives. Diofan coated and laminated PET films can be pasteurised and used in the microwave.

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films coated with Diofan are broadly used for the packaging of biscuits, confectionary, snacks, cereals, salads and fresh products, as well as the overwraps of tobacco, perfumes and petcare. Diofan coated structures provide good sealing properties as well as an enhanced water vapour or gas barrier.