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Security Labels and Online Authentication for Brand Protection for Packaging

Strasse 10, Obj 48,
Wiener Neudorf,
A-2355 Austria

Strasse 10, Obj 48,
Wiener Neudorf,
A-2355 Austria

With its specialisation on development and production of high-quality labels against counterfeiting, Securikett has become one of the leading global providers of advanced technical security solutions for brand protection. The company, Securikett Ulrich & Horn, is part of the Ulrich Group. The original business was founded in 1868 as an engraving and artistic embossing factory.

High-quality labels for counterfeit prevention

Securikett makes it possible to differentiate between an original product and a counterfeit. Solutions in the form of unique labels and security labels are specially designed and produced for this purpose. A global and highly secure internet application for authentication purposes enhances the modern portfolio. Various international awards acknowledge the technical know-how of the company.

Packaging security labels for risk management

Securikett builds its solutions on tamper evidence, authentication and identification, which are modified to industry and customer needs. Security labels are an integral part of risk management when the goals of reducing risks associated with product counterfeiting are addressed. Global usage of Securikett products currently prove that they help in this area.

Tamper evidence using VOID technology

Securikett places exceptional value on the tamper evidence base of security labels. The original seal of a package will guarantee the status of the contents, particularly when this seal is copy-proof. This is made possible through proprietary VOID technology from Securikett and is offered as sticky VOID and dry-peel VOID. This is a reliable way of spotting manipulation and with an irreversible colour effect it can be easily understood by consumers.

Holograms, security colours and tracers

Securikett offers secure and tested options for the integration of authentication elements. Holograms are integrated as a continuous design or incorporated as a precise image. Other important components of authentication include amongst other things, security colours and tracers (taggants). High output machinery and a secure production site located in Austria provides the basis for reliable outcomes in large, multinational projects.

Online authentication system

Counterfeit-proof codes are generated using cryptographic processes. These codes are then adhered via a label or direct printing process on the packaging. Optical factors and other authentication elements are effectively enhanced as many participants in a delivery transaction can identify products in real-time, all the way to the consumer. This increases the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting procedures and simultaneously reinforces customer contact. Individually created response pages offer brand new opportunities. The web-based system Codikett fulfills the highest security standards and is available around the world at any hour of the day.

Securikett Ulrich & Horn Gmbh

Strasse 10, Obj 48

Wiener Neudorf