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Brand Lifecycle Management and Product Lifecycle Management Software

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SBT is the market-leading specialist in brand lifecycle management (BLM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions that optimise speed of product to market and deliver real business savings.

Our sophisticated ODIN solution is a platform for recording all new product development activities within a business, complemented by an end user interface encompassing intuitive project management and artwork approval tools.

ODIN is a browser-based platform that ensures your entire brand design to print process and product development process is controlled by a transparent critical path that all stakeholders can monitor in real time. It works by co-ordinating all the processes involved in developing brands, taking them from concept to consumer.

Packaging process planning and execution system

The ODIN On Time module is designed to offer a powerful total process planning and execution system. Balancing functionality with usability, the ODIN On Time module provides a simple-to-use tool-set that allows authorised personnel to create new activities, amend existing activities and re-organise processes. The standard and amended templates form a library that a project manager can then use to develop anything from a complex new range through to a small packaging amendment to a single product. ODIN On Time’s capabilities include:

SBT is the market-leader in brand lifecycle management (BLM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) software.
The ODIN On Time module is a packaging process planning and execution system.
ODIN Sprint combines best-practice workflows and industry-leading software to reduce the time and cost of the brand artwork and graphics process.
ODIN Assets provides an advanced centralised library of all brand digital data.
ODIN Fusion is SBT’s bespoke BLM and PLM software.
  • Communicating the planned activities to all stakeholders
  • Providing a simple-to-follow work plan via a bespoke configurable and widget-driven homepage for all users
  • Giving all stakeholders the ability to track the process
  • Identifying potential bottlenecks or resource issues
  • Reporting actual against planned times for activities
  • Reporting on overdue activities for expediting

Brand artwork and graphics process software

In the final weeks and days prior to launch, the new product development (NPD) process comes under its greatest strain. The race is on to move each product through the key activities of pack copy generation, final artwork sign-off and first production and print runs.

ODIN Sprint provides a combination of pre-defined best-practice workflows and industry-leading software capability to rapidly reduce the time and cost associated with the brand artwork and graphics process. It also provides simplified processes at SKU level to easily implement artwork-only amendments.

Centralised library of brand digital data

In the drive for greater efficiency more FMCG brand owners are recognising the value in their digital files. These files have typically been generated with significant intellectual property and cost during an NPD lifecycle. In the associated marketing of products these assets, such as photographs, logos and advertisements, become re-useable due to ODIN Assets.

ODIN Assets provides an advanced centralised library of all brand digital data (brand guidelines, photographs, documents, audio, video, graphics, etc.) together with powerful functions to ensure maximum access and re-use of these valuable assets.

Automatic artwork generation

Brand consistency is essential in a competitive marketplace. We understand the value of brands and the immense pressure any company is under to deliver products to market quickly and consistently. ODIN Toolbox allows clients to set the rules around graphic and textual content to effectively police the brand. The system enables the automatic generation of artwork to a set of defined rules within a central database.

Bespoke PLM and BLM software

We know that every business has different requirements and that standard solutions are not always the best option. That is why we developed ODIN Fusion, a bespoke solution that allows us to integrate ODIN solutions with your existing systems and applications. ODIN Fusion offers bespoke and seamless integration, streamlined product lifecycle, and improved speed and efficiency.

ODIN Fusion is the link between business-critical applications. It enables legacy or key client applications to remain in place while taking the wider benefits of the ODIN application modules.

Project management and consultancy for BLM and PLM software

We understand that the implementation of new software and process change into a business can be challenging; therefore we have a suite of professional services to complement our software offering.

Our project managers take overall responsibility for the implementation of the software, ensuring that strong communication is maintained with the client, all stakeholders are engaged throughout the project and that timescales are managed to the client’s expectations.

During the implementation of ODIN, executive mentoring and operational hand-holding are two essential elements to ensure a successful transition. Our consultants are brand domain specialists with a comprehensive knowledge of implementing ODIN. Our advice and guidance is clear and concise and based on practical hands-on experience.

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