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Manual, Semiautomatic and Automatic Filling Machines

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Coven Egidio has been supplying crimping machines and crimping collets to the perfume production industry since 1975. Products vary from very small manual crimping tools (the APM 98) to the perfume-filling crimping production line. Coven Egidio also provides semiautomatic filling machines, vacuum filling machines (model DV 98), and volumetric pump filling machines (DVO 98).

AP 79/L

This manual crimping machine is able to crimp all micro pumps on the market (13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm and 1in). It is inexpensive and highly recommended for laboratory use and for the production of small quantities. Quick replacement of the upper crimping head allows rapid change from one size to another of the seaming. Its dimensions are 30cm x 25cm x 65cm and it weighs 20kg net.

Accessories supplied include centering tools, service keys, and one crimping head (size on request).

AP 93/L

This is a manual crimping machine that is simple to use and is recommended for limited production. The model is built with a bottle support in a solid structure that supports the crimping head (a specific one for each different micropump size). By rotating the lever approximately 100 degrees the bottle approaches and the crimping operation is thus facilitated. Crimping heads can be adapted to all sizes available on the market (11mm ,13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm and 20mm), with the exception of 1in.

The inexpensive AP79/L manual crimping machine is ideal for laboratory use and small-scale production.
The AP93/L manual crimping machine is easy to use, featuring bottle support with a solid structure to support the crimping head (from 11mm to 20mm).
The AP93/P is a pneumatic crimping machine with semi-automatic action, ideal for small, medium and large-scale production, and supports crimping heads from 11mm to 20mm.
The AP01 is the only Coven Egidio pneumatic operated machine that will crimp aluminium cans by lever movement.
The AP02 offers an ideal quality-price compromise for a semi-automatic, pneumatic crimping machine for continuous medium to high-scale production.
The DV98 is a two nozzled vacuum pneumatic filling machine, which features no electrical parts, for the filling of liquid into a range of bottle shapes and capacities.
The 2.5kg Speedcut 99 can be powered by any air compressor for the cutting of valve dip tube, up to 260mm in length.
The semi-automatic pneumatic SC10 removes all impurities contained inside glass bottles.
The vacuum test chamber (VTC) tests glass bottles for the correct crimp pump and screw cap tightening.

It is possible to quickly replace the crimping head after each use, thus setting them for the next operation; this makes the machine exceptionally versatile. Its dimensions are 30cm x 25cm x 65cm and weighs 20kg net.

Accessories supplied include centering tools, service keys, and one crimping head (size on request).

AP 93/P

This pneumatic crimping machine with semiautomatic action is recommended for small, medium and large production amounts. To start the machine cycle, simply press the two start buttons simultaneously. With the exception of the 1in size, all crimping heads can be adopted to all sizes available on the market (11mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm and 20mm). Its dimensions are 60cm x 32cm x 9cm and it weighs 40kg net.

Accessories supplied include centering tools, service keys, and one crimping head (size on request).


The pneumatically assisted manual crimping machine AP01 is a simple machine, weighing 17.5kg, suitable for glass bottle and aluminium one inch can crimping. This is the only pneumatic operated machine, in our range, that will allow you to crimp aluminium cans by a simple lever movement at a working pressure of 6bar / 87psi.

The 30cm x 30cm x 30cm dimensions unit places the bottle neck into the crimping head (jaw) and starts the pneumatic ram cycle. This machine is recommended for small-medium scale production.

Accessories supplied with the AP01 include a centering tool, service keys and one crimping head of 11mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm, 20mm or 1in size; additional crimping heads are available on request.


The semi-automatic, pneumatic crimping machine AP02 is an ideal quality-price compromise machine for continuous medium to high-production. The 45kg AP02’s main characteristics are its versatility and simple-use.

The AP02’s dimensions are 52cm x 51cm x 80cm and the pneumatic crimpling machine’s working pressure is 6bar / 87psi with an air consumption of 24Nl/min.

A special feature of the crimping machine is the possibility to move incrementally (get near the bottle, for the first crimping adjustments with little shifts) with low speed. With the AP02, customers can set up each crimping head to close every pump size in the market (1in valve crimping excluded).

The AP02 is supplied as standard with two centering tools, service keys and one crimpling head of either 11mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm or 20mm diameter; additional crimpling heads and custom centering tools are available.


The cost-efficient DV98 is a two nozzled vacuum pneumatic filling machine, able to fill liquid in a variety of bottle shapes and capacities using its vacuum ability and requires minimal maintenance.

The nine kilogramme unit is entirely pneumatically operated, with no electrical parts involved. The vacuum filling machine works at an operating pressure of 6bar / 87psi, with an air consumption of 60Nl/min.

Speedcut 99

The semi-automatic pneumatic dip tube cutting machine Speedcut 99 is an irreplaceable tool for cutting any valve dip tube, thanks to its simple mechanism and cost-efficiency.

By inserting the tube into a custom-made hole and applying slight pressure, an air switch is opened, triggering a small cylinder connected to a sharpened punch.

Length adjustment depends on the positioning of the cutting apparatus and can be varied from a minimum of 30mm to a maximum of 260mm, while the maximum diameter cut is 6.4mm. The 2.5kg Speedcut 99, which measures 8cm x 12cm x 32cm, can be powered by any compressed air supply given the limited amount of air necessary for its use (1Nl/min). As a consequence, speed and productivity rates depend solely on the operator’s pace. Precision and duration are guaranteed. The working pressure of the Speedcut 99 is 6bar / 87psi.


The 10kg Coven Egidio SC10 semi-automatic pneumatic unit cleans glass bottles. The vacuum nozzle removes any impurities contained in the bottle, with the bag located on the column collecting the dust. The SC10 measures 34cm x 26cm x 68cm and works at an air consumption of 300l/m.


One or more bottles are placed in the glass vacuum test chamber (VTC) and with the use of a venturi meter (-400/-600mmHg) the correct tightening of crimp pumps and screw caps is tested.

The 10kg Coven Egidio VTC measures 74cm x 35cm x 21cm and works with an air pressure of 4bar to 6bar / 87psi.

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