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Adhesive Tapes, Films and Fabrics for Packaging Machinery

CS Hyde Company is a global supplier of high-performance tapes, films, fabrics and silicone for the packaging industry.


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CS Hyde Company is a global supplier of high-performance tapes, films, fabrics and silicone for the packaging industry.

The company’s converting facility in Illinois, US, provides customisation services, including slitting, die cutting, lamination, sheeting and belting.

Die cutting, laminating, slitting and sheeting materials for packaging technology

CS Hyde supplies a range of adhesive tapes, films and fabrics to enhance performance within packaging machinery and technology.

Most of CS Hyde’s products are produced with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) made with Teflon™ fluoroplastics, a unique fluropolymer that has release properties and extreme temperature and chemical resistance. These requirements are commonly used in the packaging industry on conveyor systems, bagging machines, manual L-bar sealer jaws, automatic sealing equipment, heating elements, ovens and dryer belts.

PTFE-coated packaging tapes are very resistant to chemicals and high temperatures.
PTFE-coated fibreglass fabrics can be die cut into parts or fabricated into belts for conveyor systems or composite processing.
CS Hyde’s PTFE sheets, rods and bars are produced with Teflon™ fluoroplastics.
While the previous product required ad-hoc handling, the new material can be used with existing packaging machinery so no new investment is needed to adapt machines.

PTFE-coated fibreglass packaging tapes

PTFE-coated fibreglass tapes are made from fibreglass fibres coated with PTFE. Fibreglass provides superior dimensional stability while PTFE coating provides a slippery, anti-friction release surface.

This tape is an ideal product for various packaging applications that require release properties, extreme temperatures (up to 500°F), and chemical and environmental resistance.

PTFE-coated fibreglass can be used to cover heat sealing jaws and elements on a range of equipment such as shrink wrap / L-bar, blister packaging and form-fill-seal (FFS) machines. The tape is available in standard or premium grade, with silicone or acrylic adhesive and with or without liner. For applications not requiring adhesive backing, we supply PTFE-coated fibreglass fabric by the lineal yard. Thicknesses range from .003in to .019in.

Highly flexible skived PTFE tape

Skived PTFE tape made with Teflon™ fluoroplastic is highly flexible and highly temperature, chemical and moisture resistant. It is available with acrylic, silicone or high bond adhesive.

For packaging applications that require a lower elongation and a higher tensile strength, skived high-density PTFE with silicone adhesive is available in thicknesses ranging from .002in to .01in. For applications that require more heft, density and mass, FAT PTFE is available in thicker gauges ranging from .02in to .06in with acrylic or silicone adhesive backing. Standard and custom width rolls are available.

Durable, anti-stick tape with more release surface material

The TFL-__T Series is a fibreglass fabric saturated with PTFE (Teflon™) dispersion, laminated to PTFE (Teflon™) film and coated with high temperature, pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. This tape is used primarily as a release surface on heat sealers, blister formation and form-fill equipment where heavy production requires a product with more release surface material.

TFL-_T is also ideal for lining guide rails, slides and chutes due to its durability and anti-stick properties. It is available in .004in, .006in and .01in thicknesses. Standard and custom width rolls available.

Self-lubricating tape with outstanding abrasion resistance

Rulon® tape combines a low coefficient of friction with high temperature stability. It also provides exceptional abrasion resistance that, compared to PTFE in rotating bearing tests, equals a 500-fold increase in wear resistance.

Uniquely, Rulon® film surface is self-lubricating and the backing is conformable. This tape can be used as surface protection for bearings or roller components, as well as a liner on chutes and rail coverings.

Virgin PTFE for release sheets in packaging applications

Virgin PTFE is very slippery and extremely temperature and chemical resistant, making it a highly suitable material to be used as a release sheet in many packaging applications. PTFE can be mechanically fastened or laminated with adhesive for easy installation. PTFE is available in thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 125mm. We can supply sheets, rods, rectangular bars or roll goods in thinner gauge film thicknesses.

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with high abrasion resistance

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW)’s extremely high abrasion resistance exceeds that even of steel. Combined with broad chemical resistance and low coefficient of friction, UHMW makes a highly versatile engineering material.

Offering a unique combination of characteristics, UHMW polymers have a molecular weight average that is ten times that of conventional high-density polyethylene resins while also providing superior abrasion, high wear resistance and PTFE-like slipperiness.

UHMW can be used in packaging application issues involving friction, wear, corrosion, sticking, sliding, surface protection, noise abatement and gliding. It is available in thicknesses ranging from .003in to .125in. Available with or without adhesive, CS Hyde supplies UHMW in sheets, rolls and die cut parts.

PTFE-coated fibreglass fabric with superior dimensional stability

PTFE-coated fibreglass fabrics are extensively used in the packaging and sealing industry, providing superior dimensional stability and a slippery, anti-friction release surface. They can be used within extreme temperatures ranging from -100°F to 500°F and can be die cut into parts or fabricated into belts for conveyor systems or composite processing.

CS Hyde offers four different types of fibreglass fabric, including standard, premium, mechanical, and tear and crease resistant. Each type has different properties to accommodate the specifications required by different applications.

PTFE-coated fibreglass fabric is sold by the lineal yard. Nominal thickness: .003in to .028in. Widths from 1/2in to 36in, with wider widths available.

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    CS Hyde Company is a converter and supplier of performance adhesive tapes, plastic films, industrial fabrics, silicone rubber products, cords, and threads for the packaging industry.


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    CS Hyde Company is a global supplier of high-performance tapes, films, fabrics and silicone for the packaging industry.

CS Hyde Company
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