Top Level Ink provides high-quality inks at competitive prices. Founded in 1997, we operate from a 25,000ft² facility in Dallas, Texas, US, which includes a full service lab and blending department. We are the US distributor for Japanese ink manufacturer T&K TOKA.

With Top Level Ink, our customers benefit from knowledgeable professionals, exceptional service and a competitive edge. Our combination of top-quality products and extensive formulation experience enables our partners to enhance productivity and maximize efficiency.

Offset process inks

Our Best Image process inks are high-quality sheetfed offset process inks designed for easy handling, with the following benefits:

  • Fast-setting qualities enable faster job turnaround time
  • Well-balanced dot gain allows quick color adjustment
  • Compatible with almost all fountain solutions
  • Excellent ink transfer provides exceptional gloss
  • Available in the standard type and also ON (stay-open version)

Offset mixing inks

Best Image mixing inks are sheetfed offset inks designed for trouble-free printing, for the following applications:

UV offset inks.
Top Level Ink, Dallas, Texas.
  • Low to high-speed presses
  • Small to large presses
  • A variety of substrates

UV offset inks

Our range of UV offset inks includes:

  • UV BF inks: excellent printability on sheetfed and web presses
  • UV VP inks: excellent adhesion to such substrates as PP, PE, PET, PVC, polystyrene, polycarbonate, metal foil, pearl papers and Yupo