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Gearbox Manufacturer

Neugart designs and manufactures gearboxes for a variety of industries such as packaging, and combines extensive field knowledge with technological innovation.


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Custom Gearbox Manufacturer

Neugart is one of the leading gearbox manufacturers for various industries and combines years of experience with decisive technological thinking. Our modular system offers a wide variety of gearboxes that can be combined in thousands of ways. This is what we put at your service: We listen to the customer carefully in the first step. We find out exactly what you need regarding your drive technology or as a supplier for your customers.

In addition, we can perfectly adapt every gearbox detail to your application. The end result will be a perfect gearbox that is delivered quickly and at a reasonable price.

As a gearbox manufacturer, we not only supply these services to customers, but we also help them advance their business because we always listen to them very carefully and use our software, brainware and hardware on the way to the best solution.

Application-specific gearboxes
Customised gearboxes
Economy gearboxes
Neugart Plant
Neugart Plant
Planetary gearboxes with mounted pinion
Precision gearboxes

Neugart offers thousands of options to clients when it comes to planetary gearboxes – and at the same time, we make this complexity and diversity as simple as possible for you.

Neugart software: Digitalisation and gearboxes for the packaging industry

Ever since the invention of CAD, it has been clear that every contemporary design begins digitally. What’s new, however, is that we also provide you with digital support in your search for the right gearbox for your packaging needs and as part of our collaborative design adaptation of gearboxes to your own requirements. Of course, our experts are available for personal exchanges. What makes us special, however, is that we also provide you with digital tools that make your work much easier.

Designing a drive with the Neugart Calculation Program (NCP)

Our customers enjoy working with the NCP (Neugart Calculation Program). This Neugart design software allows your designers to dimension and design gearboxes directly as required. For us, the NCP allows technical and data-driven communication with your experts. The result: Both sides know exactly what they are talking about. This also makes it quickly and perfectly clear to our experts during consultation which is the best solution.

Configuring a gearbox with the Tec Data Finder (TDF)

In addition, we offer the TDF, our Tec Data Finder. This is a configurator in which you or your designers can enter a wide variety of data. This includes CAD data and technical data sheets that provide reliable detailed information.

Neugart Hardware: The result drives everything

As a Neugart product, our gearboxes are guaranteed to meet the highest quality standards. We incorporate into our products the client’s requirements, as well as our innovative strength, concentrated knowledge and the experience gained from developments that have already taken place.

We make a virtually infinite range of applications possible through the use of a tractable range of parts. These modular and flexible systems provide tangible advantages for clients because they allow us to put together the right gearbox quickly, effectively and economically. This is how we also ensure maximum quality, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency, and thus quite simply reconcile the general technical requirements of your designers and the costs.

The TDF (Tec Data Finder) shows the many diverse possibilities that the company provides. This software makes available all the possible combinations of our versatile modular system. In this way, customers benefit from an individualised solution without additional expense. This is also achieved through maximum consulting and the perfect design for your single-stage or multi-stage gearbox.

Neugart Brainware: Person-to-person collaboration

Neugart’s knowledge is in our digital tools and our expertise. Direct access is another advantage.

At your request, our experts will accompany you from the initial idea or inquiry to the perfect gearbox – including all the steps in between. The Neugart Brainware means maximum benefit from all our experience and expertise. In the process, we provide you with 1:1 support.

Neugart thinks collaboratively and values direct cooperation. In doing so, we place our knowledge at the client’s disposal.

Lightweight and economical gearbox power packs

Economy gearboxes

The planetary gearboxes and right-angle gearboxes from the Economy Line are attractively priced power packs in all variations. They are lightweight, and powerful and employ low-friction bearings. Their construction and technical design make them ideal for demanding production cycles.

Precision gearboxes

The precision gearboxes are created for the highest accuracy in terms of torsional backlash and rigidity. They also impress with high IP protection class ratings, load capacity and versatility. In addition, these planetary gearboxes are available with different types of gearing to meet almost any application specification.

Application specific gearboxes

The Hygienic Design gearbox offers a reliable, robust and powerful solution for industrial trucks or for Delta robots.

Planetary gearboxes with mounted pinion

The perfectly integrated combination of gearbox and pinion: This makes it easier for you to find the ideal technical match for rack and pinion drives, for example. Many options and solutions are available for you. In addition, the gearboxes impress with high load capacities, high dynamics and precise gearing.

Customised gearboxes

As one of the leading manufacturers of planetary gearboxes, we are always searching for new solutions that benefit our customers. That’s why we also develop, design and produce custom gearboxes in the form of planetary, spur, and bevel gearboxes.

Our experienced engineers always find the optimal solution for your application. Close collaboration with our customers is important to us even in the early development phase. No matter what the special requirements of your application, we can develop a custom-made gearbox to match your needs.

NCP – The Neugart Calculation Program for drive design

This calculation software provides you with the perfect basis for designing the complete drive train. In concrete terms, you can use the NCP to configure the right gearbox-motor combination in just a few minutes simply by entering your application data. The result: You get exactly the gearbox that suits you and your drive concept. This makes your application cost- and energy-efficient.

Tec Data Finder – find the right gearbox with just a few clicks

Our Tec Data Finder (TDF) helps clients quickly and safely find the right combination of motor and gearbox. The TDF works intuitively and transparently.

About Neugart: Planetary Gearbox Manufacturer

Neugart is a gearbox expert and planetary gearbox manufacturer. As a family business launched in 1928, the company has established a trusting relationship with customers with its aim to make quality products widely available and at a reasonable price. Our broad modular system guarantees the safety and adaptability of product applications in a fast and customisable way.

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Products & services

  • PLE

    The PLE is particularly lightweight, extremely powerful and yet still suitable for demanding production cycles thanks to its low-friction bearing concept and optimised lubrication.

  • PSN – Precision Planetary Gearbox

    Our PSN gearbox enables low-noise operation. This gearbox reduces vibrations to a minimum. It offers top-quality performance through its precision even for high loads.

  • NDF – Gearbox for Delta Robots

    Specifically developed for use in Delta robots, the NDF enables extremely fast changes of direction thanks to a low-inertia clamping system at the input stage, as well as a remarkably torsionally rigid structure.

  • PLQE – Planetary Gearbox

    Our PLQE offers easy-to-use and versatile features. It is easily connected to the client's equipment without any additional flange. 

  • Services

    With only a few clicks, the Product Filter indicates the gearbox that meets your requirements. Filters are available so that technical data and gearbox characteristics can be preselected.

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