1. Product Filter

With only a few clicks, the Product Filter indicates the gearbox that meets your requirements. Filters are available so that technical data and gearbox characteristics can be preselected.


  1. Configure a gearbox with the Tec Data Finder (TDF)

The TDF, our Tec Data Finder (TDF) is a configurator that enables designers to enter a wide range of data, showing clients the ideal solution, which includes CAD data and technical dimension sheets for reliable and comprehensive information input.


  1. Design a drive with the Neugart Calculation Program (NCP)

The Neugart Calculation Program (NCP) is a design software that enables designers to measure and design gearboxes according to specifications, therefore rendering technical and data-related communication with experts easier. This also offers transparency of operation during consultation.


Online Service: Exact data and services for your Neugart gearbox

With our online service, clients can simply scan the data matrix code on their gearbox or use the series/serial number. This offers instant data and service retrieval. The solution is an all-in-one place for product-specific information, which makes it more organised and easier to access documentation.


Express Delivery: 24hr/48hr service

We also offer fast services as, depending on availability, we can have gearboxes ready within one or two working days and prepare them for shipment. Then the logistics partners take over. The speed of operation enables the fast replacement of gearboxes and the faster availability of components to our clients.


After-Sales Service: Support for the entire life of the gearbox

We also offer advice and support if you want to further develop your application and need a customised solution for this. When you buy Neugart gearboxes and solutions, you get lifelong expertise with them as well.