Profile Solutions has been making leading-edge leak testers for plastic containers since it was founded in 1993. From day one, we had units able to test in excess of 6,000 small containers on a single head, while other suppliers need multi-heads or even small rotaries.

This technical excellence has resulted in the creation of the 6LD

World’s fastest single head tester – The 6LD

The standard single head 6LD with vacuum conveyor can test up to 14,500 small containers an hour on one head.

In 2015, a modified 6LD extended this range to 17,400+ bottles tested per hour of the same small bottle. This efficiency means we can offer a single head and its simplicity of use, where a multi-head was required. Most applications won’t need these extras, but it shows our continuing R&D to push the boundaries of testing.

The design of our modular conveyor is able to meet requirements of any configuration and is built according to specifications of production lines.
The IBC Tester serves 1,000 litres.
The 6LD and 30LD Multi-Head can be fitted with up to seven heads and does the job of multiple machines for half the price.
Profile Solutions’ bottle palletiser is capable of checking up to 6,000 bottles an hour for leaks.
For special bottle requirements such as angled necks, the company provides testers that are capable of processing up to 2,000 units an hour. Multi-head options are also available.

As with all our machines, 6LD is versatile and can test container sizes from 10ml to 6l. Its efficiency means that multi­head units can be replaced, with a one head able to test up to 16,000 bottles per hour for many smaller containers.

The 6LD is also available as an inline multi-head, which extend these test rates. These units are best for bottles up to 4l­6l depending on the speed.

The multi-head inline machine, depending on the cost, can do the job others would do with a travelling head and even small rotaries. In some sweet spot applications, our products could be 30%­40% of the cost of these other solutions. Also, the 6LD controller can be expanded to handle seven tests, making it extremely versatile for multi­head applications.

The 6LD also has a background PLV where the client can perform programmes to use spare I/O.

Our controllers have been principally designed for optimisation of leak testing, which has helped give us our edge.

Leak detectors for varying bottle sizes

Not everyone has a need for a high-speed tester, so we have a leak detector to suit various applications from low to high speed, and small or large containers.

The 2LD tests from 10ml to 10l, and able to test up to 3,600 small bottles per hour. This is an outstanding low-cost unit with very high-performance.

The 4LD: tests from 10ml to 6l, and able to test up to 4,500+ small bottles per hour. We call this our medium speed master.

The 6LD tests from 10ml to 6l, with standard conveyor can test up to 9,500 small bottles per hour, but at the high-end may need some skill to tune. So make life easy and get the vacuum conveyor, which will allow the exceptional capacity of the 6LD. This can be expanded to up to seven heads.

The 30LD: test from 2l­30l, and find smaller holes than many others for this size. Pop in a 6LD controller and we can test up to seven heads for higher test rates. Versions for up to 50l­60l can also be made. Profile Solutions has decades of experience in drum testing.

LDT: manual or fully automatic large container solutions for containers from 60l­1,000l IBC containers. These include WORP models (weighing, orientation and rim punching).

Travelling heads for bottle leak testing

Type One – Single linear section with feed screw, shown first at K2004 with a three head testing 240ml bottles at 19,300 per hour. These units can be made with customisable pitches to meet specific requirements, or have set pitches for easy changeover. If we adapt the performance for the K2004 machine to eight head and reduced pitch for small bottles hourly test rates of >46,000 per (modelling based on previous performance suggest >51,000 per hour).

Type Two – Multi section units, per section we can test up to a 9,000+ small bottles per hour, so a four head could test approximately 36,000 per hour. If more stability is required, then we can add a vacuum conveyor. These units also don’t need expensive change parts, unlike rotaries.

When you get to high test rates for larger bottle then travelling heads don’t give you the required test time. In late-2016, new products will be available to fill that hole.

Cost-effective leak detectors

The easy-to-use controls means that time required for staff training is significantly reduced, with downtime put aside for bottle line changing also slashed.

Diagnostics and programme upgrades can be carried out simply through connecting the machine to a laptop, meaning the service is easy even when used in remote environments. The even include the ability to swap functions from faulty inputs and outputs to spare one’s an idea we have included our machine since 2003/4.

Profile Solutions has been able to remain a leader in leak detection due to its commitment to innovating and improving technology. As an example, the company’s proprietary electronic control has been designed especially to detect leakages in bottles.

After people have owned our machines a few years, they will also find they have a drastically reduced need for service and spare parts as our machines have high-reliability

Since 2006, we have offered leading-edge vacuum conveyors to improve the handling of unstable bottles, which has in some cases resulted in test rates being increased by 280%

Customisation and options for leak testing

Profile Solutions does not make you take a standard package, we look at your requirements and will customise at reasonable cost. Options available include:

  • Our self­test system pioneered 14+ year ago that test the bottle first makes sure it’s a good one under current setting and then retest it with the test hole. This way you don’t waste bottles if you are doing an auto self­test
  • Angled neck bottles, with vacuum conveyor and even multi­head
  • Customised guide rails, transfer and side transfers
  • Box diverters
  • CNC takeout’s with integrated leak testers for ASB machines
  • Technical parts testers
  • Ethernet communications options in all models for production

Conveyor systems, palletising and collating tables

Profile Solutions offers more than leak testers, including:

  • Conveyor system for bottle transport with Profileflex conveyors
  • Automation of drum processes like bun insertion, rotators
  • Palletising
  • Collating tables
  • Plus more

Talk with us about your applications and our simply extra­ordinary leak testers.