6LD leak detection

The 6LD a leader in leak detection technology, with hourly test capabilities of up to 9,500 bottles and optimal production maintained. Up to 16,000/hr bottles is achievable with a vacuum conveyor.

Rather than using a generic controller, our proprietary electronic controller is designed specifically for bottle leak detection.


Even at high-speed test rates, the 6LD will comfortably find holes as small as 0.17mm. Far smaller holes may be found by using increased test times.

Fully adjustable, fully customised

Every Profile Solutions leak detector is fully adjustable for a wide range of bottles and production situations. Bottles from 50ml to 6l can be tested on a standard machine. Our modular conveyor design ensures that virtually any conveyor configuration can be easily accommodated. Every machine is built to be integrated into your existing production lines.


Advanced features such as auto tune and self-test take the hard work out of setting up and fine-tuning the 6LD. This minimises the down time when changing bottle lines. Intuitive controls and simple adjustments dramatically reduce staff training times.


Some of our more popular options include:

  • Smaller or larger (than 54mm standard) test heads (We recommend our 30LD leak detector for testing bottles larger than 10l)
  • Inclusions heads for checking blocked necks
  • Longer or shorter (than 800mm standard) conveyors, mix and match the infeed lengths and outfeed sections to what you want. Easily changed years after purchase
  • Side transfer or 90° conveyors
  • Higher or lower (than 550mm-1,130mm standard) conveyors, with electric and manual spindle height control. Wider for up to 10l (2.5gal in US)
  • We can also supply collating tables, bagging machines, CNC bottle palletisers, pallet dispensers, and bottle weighing systems
  • RS 485 serial communications for production reporting to a PC or optional ethernet board

Still not fast enough?

If you require even faster test rates, our multi-head or travelling head range (three types) of leak detectors should meet your requirements for speeds of up to > 45,000 bottle per hour.