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Thermoformed Plastic Food Packaging

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HOT FORM Production is a leading manufacturer of thermoformed plastic food packaging.

HOT FORM Production is not satisfied with the immediate horizon but aims to look to infinity. HOT FORM Production intends to focus on what others miss; it aims to take things to the limit and to amaze with its innovative spirit. HOT FORM Production is ready to respond to all its customers’ requirements, offering concrete solutions for the food industry.

HOT FORM Production distinguishes itself on the market thanks to its commitment to keeping up-to-date with all the latest innovations, offering quality, speed and flexibility.

Plastic containers for salads and fast food

Our Luxy, Dishy and Bowly products are ideal for ready-made salads and fast food. They are containers with either a separate or hinged lid, and made of PET and BOPS.

Luxy, Dishy and Bowly plastic containers are ideal for salads and fast food.
Ovaly, Recty and Freshy are leak-proof food containers.
Multy and Dely multi-compartment food containers are made of BOPS.
Crossy, Backy, Dany, Muffy and Frenchy are plastic containers that are designed for cakes and confectionery.
Hotty, Rosty, Ready and Sealy are microwave-safe food containers made of PP.

Multi-compartment food containers

Multy and Dely containers made of BOPS can be arranged not only for ready meals but for complete meals too. The inside space can be arranged into between one and three compartments.

Transparent food containers

Snacky containers come with a hinged or top-sealing lid, and are made of transparent PET or BOPS. They are recommended for single-portion food, from hamburgers to salads and sandwiches.

Leak-proof food containers

Ovaly, Recty and Freshy are the princes of the supermarket, with added flexibility. These food containers come with a hinged lid, are leak proof, and made of transparent PET and BOPS.

Plastic containers for cakes and confectionery

Our Crossy, Backy, Dany, Muffy and Frenchy containers are designed for cakes and confectionery packaging.

Microwave-safe food containers

Hotty, Rosty, Ready and Sealy containers are made of PP and dedicated to the packaging of hot food. They are solely for use in microwave ovens.

In addition to our standard products, we can also create customised solutions for our customers, tailored to the specific needs of the food industry.

Environmentally friendly plastic food packaging

HOT FORM Production is committed to heavily investing in the production side as it is the heart of the company. The results have been truly significant, as all the materials used in the production cycle are totally recycled, thereby forming a closed-loop production cycle.

This strategy reflects the company thinking, which is increasingly sensitive to ecological matters and research into environmentally friendly options. The high-tech production is carefully planned in order to ensure that there are always sufficient stocks in the warehouse, which means that customers can always be sure of having products available.

The end result is quality and service excellence, which translates into a high-quality product that can also be designed and customised according to specific requirements.

About the HOT FORM group

The HOT FORM group was founded in 1976. The company consists of three factories with a covered surface area of 40,000m², as well as an uncovered surface area and 80,000m² in the province of Padua.

The HOT FORM group is made up of two companies that are involved in the field of thermoforming of plastic materials for the production of containers for the food and confectionery sector and for various packaging applications (HOT FORM Production), and in the field of injection moulding of media packaging (CD and DVD cases) and extrusion of PET sheet (HOT FORM).

The corporate infrastructure has been developed to come within the parameters of the BRC, and is ready to meet all market requirements.

Our company philosophy summed up in a few words: flexibility, punctuality, accuracy, reliability, service excellence, experience and trust, all combined with great passion.


Via Bellinghiera, 52
35010 Onara di Tombolo (PD)

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