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Labels, Tags and Label Applicators


Saito Group specialises in label and tag solutions that comply with GS1 and other regulatory bodies or in-house systems. Saito Group’s product portfolio is built around “working label and tag solutions”, from the most simple to the more complex. Solutions are integrated from our own manufacture of specialist raw materials to end-user applications.

Self-adhesive labels and robust tags

A product that requires identification can be achieved by a self-adhesive (sticky) label or a robust tag where the product surface does not accept a self-adhesive label.

Freezer, rough surface, recyclable pallet and carton box labels

Labels that work in freezer conditions and on rough surfaces such as tyres and timber, and recyclable pallet labels and carton box labels, are all available in a range of standard or customised sizes.

Thermal and thermal-transfer barcode labels

Thermal and thermal-transfer barcode labels are an integral part of today’s global supply chain and at Saito we excel in providing the right solution for your needs. Our warehouse labels and tags run through all brands of barcode label printers.

Working labels and tag solutions for rapid delivery.
Barcode label and tag printers for logistics and packaging requirements.
Fast and reliable Fast and reliable hand labellersof dates and codes.
Working labels for track-and-trace in the food industry.
Working labels in use for barcode tracking in logistics and warehouse operations.

Specialised labels such as track-and-trace multipart courier and freight tickets, where 100% accountability of label number sequence is Saito’s service standard, are part of Saito’s pre-printed barcode service.

Barcode printing and reading equipment

As an independent company we recommend and support the best printer and reading solution for your barcode or RFID application.

Supported by Nice Label software in single or networked configurations we design and install labelling solutions that are integral to your business processes and downstream packaging requirements.

Raw material feed-stocks, and security labels and tags

Saito is a specialist manufacturer of raw material feed-stocks for subsequent overprinting.

The exciting new 2L label will reduce landfill waste by 50% with minimal or no changes to current work practices. This product has one dual silicone-coated label carrier that has a label on both the front and rear of the backer.

The range of security label and tags that has proprietary information printed under the label is a useful tool to eliminate fraudulent brand marketing, and this benefit comes for free.

Roll or flat sheet self-adhesive products for thermal-transfer printing

A traditional range of roll or flat sheet self-adhesive products for thermal or thermal-transfer printing is available, and customised self-adhesive products with different adhesive properties, top coats and coatings are manufactured to order to suit specific applications.

Additional products such as Direct Thermal (or regular) board with inbuilt security features are designed and manufactured to order under strict confidentiality provisions.

Hand label applications

Available off the shelf and for use in small food manufacturing facilities and outdoor rural conditions, a simple hand labeller can solve a number of packaging requirements. Hand labellers are a cheap, fast solution to price marking or date and coding applications.

Specialised and strung tags

Strung tags with or without barcodes, RFID or EAS chip sets included are used for product promotion, in-plant safety, nursery and horticulture product identification, track-and-trace applications and retailer brand packaging obligations.

About the company

Saito commenced operations in 1985 and now services the regions of south-east Asia, Australia and New Zealand. With manufacturing facilities in New Zealand and Australia we bring together a unique series of product solutions that will enhance a client’s business process and meet specialist packaging compliance needs.

A Saito label and tag solution will work everyday in every place for everyone.

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