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Respiration Control Systems

PerfoTec's respiration control system extends the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables. By measuring the respiration rate of fruit and vegetables and adjusting the packaging accordingly, the shelf life of fruit and vegetables can be extended significantly.



PerfoTec’s respiration control system extends the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables. By measuring the respiration rate of fruit and vegetables and adjusting the packaging accordingly, the shelf life of fruit and vegetables can be extended significantly.

In-market results have proven that in-store waste can be reduced by 50% when the shelf life of fresh produce is increased with PerfoTec’s respiration control system. Not only does the product quality improve, actual sales volume also increases. These results are not possible with pre-perforated films but can only be achieved by combining PerfoTec’s Online Laser Perforation System with the Fast Respiration Meter.

Benefits of respiration control

Doubling shelf life is a very attractive benefit for consumers, as the increased sales volume proves. The reduction of in-store waste combined with an increased sales volume directly benefits the packer and retailer.

The Fast Respiration Meter is available in three sizes (S, M and XL) for different production environments.
The online software that comes with the Fast Respiration Meter easily calculates the required film permeability.
The Online Laser Perforation System and the automatic OTR control camera can be installed on almost all existing packaging lines.
Strawberries in a top-seal packaging micro perforated with PerfoTec, increases the shelf-life by five days.
The patented Fast Respiration Meter from PerfoTec measures the respiration rate of fruit and vegetables.
The supplied software calculates the required film permeability.
The patented Online Laser Perforation System adapts the film permeability during packing and the camera checks each micro-perforation.
The shelf life of the fresh produce is extended in a natural way.
Film permeability is the critical control point for the quality and shelf life of fresh produce. One perforation more or less can make the difference between one and three days extra shelf life.
Film suppliers can benefit by installing the equipment for their customers as a service, or adjusting the film permeability with the mobile laser rewinder before delivering it to the customer.
In 2012, PerfoTec won the Green Tulip Award at the Accenture Innovation Awards. Out of more than 1,400 entries, PerfoTec was deemed the most sustainable innovation in the Netherlands.

But there is another important benefit, which may not be directly visible. It makes the distribution and ordering process between suppliers and retailers a lot more simple, flexible and sustainable. Film suppliers can also benefit from PerfoTec’s solution. It helps them to establish a long-term relationship with their customers and to better respond to their needs.

The most obvious benefits of PerfoTec are the visual benefits, in terms of reducing the negative effects of mould, discolouration and dehydration. However, it also has positive effects that are less noticeable in-store, such as preventing the smell and softening of the product.

Extending fruit and vegetable shelf life

Fruit and vegetables need oxygen to stay fresh but the respiration rate varies through the seasons, making it difficult to design the optimal packaging properties.

The Fast Respiration Meter from PerfoTec quickly measures the respiration rate of fresh fruits and vegetables. The supplied AMAP software calculates the required film permeability. The PerfoTec Online Laser Perforation System then uses this information to adapt the film permeability through micro perforations, which helps to considerably extend the shelf life.

PerfoTec’s respiration control can be used for all fresh, fresh-cut and whole produce.

Measuring fresh produce respiration

The innovative and patented PerfoTec Fast Respiration Meter is developed and designed to measure the respiration rate of fresh produce within just four hours. This enables you to effectively respond to seasonal variations. It measures oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production, as well as calculating the respiration rate.

Calculating required film permeability

The results from the respiration meter can easily be uploaded onto the website. In combination with the packaging and film specifications, the data is converted into the number and size of laser micro perforations required to extend the shelf life.

Laser perforation system

The patented laser perforation system adapts the film permeability with micro perforations during packing. It is specially developed for integration with vertical or horizontal packaging machines, as well as film converting machines. The robust PerfoTec laser makes consistent round holes, which is essential for AMAP technology.

Automatic OTR control

The PerfoTec laser system has an integrated camera to inspect each hole for quality-control purposes, and to check and control the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of each pack. If necessary, the laser is automatically adjusted ‘on the fly’ to balance out any variation in film thickness.

Operation and service

PerfoTec has made it easy to implement its respiration control technology. The installation of the PerfoTec laser system, Fast Respiration Meter and software only takes two days, including training.

This PerfoTec laser system is suitable for integration with all vertical and horizontal fill and seal packing machines. In most situations, the laser can be installed horizontally above the packing machine and connected with a wire to a remote control panel, next to the control panels of the weigher and packing machine.

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