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Standard and Custom Packaging Machinery

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Winpak specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative and technically advanced standard and custom packaging machinery achieving speeds greater than 1,900 packages per minute. Winpak offers a full line of vertical form/fill/seal machines for pumpable liquid and semi-liquid products and certain dry and non-food products. Winpak also manufactures horizontal fill/seal machines for preformed containers.

Winpak is a leader in liquid packaging technology and has an installed base of over 600 packaging machines operating worldwide. These machines are designed to satisfy a number of end-use packaging applications.

Winpak is committed to the manufacture and sale of high-quality packaging materials and the production of related innovative packaging machines. Winpak’s customers use the packaging products primarily for the protection of perishable foods, beverages and healthcare applications.

Packaging machinery for a wide range of products

Products packaged include condiments, dips, sauces, salad dressings, cream cheese, sour cream, syrup, ketchup, cream, margarine, butter, spreads, yogurt, deserts, ice cream, pudding, apple sauce, juice, water, dry snacks, nuts, cosmetics, personal care products, health and beauty products, industrial liquids and many particulate products.

The Winpak W-25 is the premier vertical form/fill/seal pouch packaging machine for bulk liquid applications. The W-25 can package up to 240 packages per minute.
Winpak WC 4/5 horizontal in-line fill/seal packaging machines are innovative cup machines designed to run preformed rectangular cups. Models are available with maximum outputs from 240 to 700 packages per minute.
The Winpak Lane model W-18 is a high output vertical form/fill/seal pouch/sachet packaging machine. It is designed to run continuously, with production rates reaching 1,500 pouches per minute.
Winpak offers packaging machinery as part of a complete packaging system, which includes packaging materials, machinery, repair parts, engineering, and technical service. Winpak is the choice for total packaging solutions.
Products packaged include condiments, dips, sauces, salad dressings, ketchup, cream, margarine, butter, spreads, yogurt, desserts, dry snacks, nuts, cosmetics, beauty/healthcare products, and many other liquid, semi-liquid, and dry products.

Pouch packaging machines

Winpak offers a variety of vertical form/fill/seal machinery for a wide range of pouch applications. Winpak offers solutions with four-side seal and material saving, three-side seal pouches from .25oz to several gallons, with options for easy open and directional pour spouts and re-closable fitments. Products from very thin to highly viscous with particulates up to 1¼in are packaged on Winpak machines every day. 

Very high-speed packaging of condiments such as ketchup with production rates of up to 1,500 pouches per minute make Winpak the choice of serious manufacturers. Winpak packaging machines are designed to run continuously hour after hour, day after day. Winpak Lane is the prerequisite for today’s competitive environment.

Cup packaging machines 

Winpak manufactures a variety of horizontal fill/seal machinery for a wide range of product applications. Economical fill and seal is done with both round cups and multi-cavity rectangular trays. Winpak cup machines fill hot, cold, thick and free-flowing liquids precisely and efficiently. Fill volume ranges from .375oz to 8oz and speeds up to 1,900 packages per minute are possible. Automated and manual cup packaging options are available. 

Complete packaging systems

Winpak offers packaging machinery as part of a complete package system which includes packaging materials, packaging machinery, repair parts, engineering and technical service. Winpak understands that reliable and responsive technical support is fundamental to the company’s commitment to customers. Winpak also understands that partnerships bring shared benefits. That is why Winpak forms technical partnerships with customers and suppliers. Winpak provides the technical expertise customers can trust and count on.

Winpak manufactures and supplies semi-rigid cups with a variety of barrier properties as well as pre-die cut lids and daisy chain lids. Roll stock films for VFFS machinery with nylon, polyester or foil are manufactured and shipped around the world.

Some of the many technical services offered by Winpak are:

  • Responsive and reliable field service
  • Packaging machinery preventive maintenance programs
  • Packaging machinery training programs
  • Complete packaging systems installation and integration
  • Package machineability and performance testing
  • Material compatibility testing
  • Shelf-life studies
  • Microbiological contamination support

Winpak is the clear choice for total packaging solutions.

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