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Horizontal and Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machines, Multihead Weighers and Automatic Packaging Line

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Headquarters ITALY,
Via Pasubio, 49,
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PFM Packaging Machinery SpA in Italy is the headquarters of the industrial group that manufactures horizontal and vertical form fill and seal machines, multihead weighers and automatic packaging lines for bakery and confectionery products.

PFM Packaging Machinery Ltd in Leeds is the UK subsidiary responsible for sales and after sales service for the UK and Irish markets. Other subsidiaries are PFM Corporation USA & Canada (manufacturing and distribution), BG Pack Italy (manufacturing) and MBP Italy (manufacturing).


PFM Packaging Machinery produces a complete range of horizontal wrapping machines for the dairy, bakery, meat, fish, produce, pharmaceutical, medical and confectionery markets and more.

SCIROCCO: this top-of-the-range machine, the inverted version, is hygienically manufactured to guarantee easy cleaning. It includes the High Speed Long Dwell sealing system for airtight seals and the provision of gas flush for MAP applications and features full servo wrapper with four servomotors and colour touch screen panel for MMI. It also includes a modem for "teleservice". Its speed is up to 250ppm and it is constructed from stainless steel with front detachable transport belts. There is an option to connect it to automatic packaging lines.

SCIROCCO inverted pillow-pack wrapping machine featuring full servo, cantilevered construction, Long Dwell sealing head and MAP compatibility. Up to 250ppm.
Falcon: full servo horizontal pillow-pack wrapping machine featuring cantilevered construction and a high degree of flexibility. Up to 400ppm.

Falcon: this horizontal pillow pack wrapper is ideal for bakery products and more. Highly flexible, it features quick format changeover, cantilever construction for easy cleaning, film reel width up to 900mm and crimper width up to 400mm. It has a mechanical speed of up to 400ppm and is available in the SERVO version with four servomotors and a colour touch screen panel for MMI. It also includes a modem for "teleservice".

Swift: this entry-level horizontal pillow pack wrapper is simple and easy to operate and is ideal for bakery products. It has a speed of up to 100ppm and features quick format changeover, self-centring reel holder and adjustable forming box.


PFM Packaging Machinery produces a complete, highly specialized range of machines for the dairy, confectionery, produce, meat, ingredients and frozen food markets and more.

Vetta: this top of the range machine allows unprecedented level of flexibility and is a full servo machine with servomotors controlled by an industrial PC and colour touch screen. It features rotatable crimpers to obtain numerous styles of packs: pillow, block bottom, easy-bag, Steelo-pack with four sealed corners, transverse and longitudinal zip closure. It is constructed from stainless steel, has a gas-flush system for MAP application and operates at speeds of up to 120ppm.

PV 260: this high-speed VFFS wrapper has a mechanical speed of over 150ppm, with. It is a servo wrapping machine with servomotors, colour touch screen and modem for "teleservice" as well as airtight seals. It includes the patented high speed Long Dwell sealing system and is available in stainless steel with a high degree of cleaneability.

Zenith: this entry level, simple and reliable vertical wrapper allows for quick product changeover. Virtually maintenance-free, it has a mechanical speed of up to 80bpm and can produce standard pillow packs, block bottom bags and reclosable zip bags.


PFM Packaging Machinery produces a complete range of weighers ranging from eight to 24 heads with each weigh head separate and interchangeable. They feature a user friendly colour touch screen, the possibility to download operating statistics, double feedback to optimise the operating parameters and a vibrations dumping system. They are available in Stainless Steel AISI 304 and 316 and have a central load cell to control product presence and flow a stepper motor to operate the buckets. They are highly reliable for both speed and accuracy. These multihead weighers are available to be connected to any kind of VFFS wrappers, thermoforming machines, tray sealers, vertical cartoning machines and more.

Press Releases

  • SPS Packaging Systems Joins PFM Group

    SPS Packaging, located in Novara Italy and until now part of the CIR Group specialises in the design and production of automatic wrapping systems for bakery products (snacks, biscuits and confectionery). Its take over compliments the range of equipment available from the PFM Group.

PFM Packaging Machinery SpA
Headquarters ITALY
Via Pasubio, 49
36036 Torrebelvicino

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