UNITED CAPS is a market-leading designer and producer of high-performance plastic caps and closures.

The company’s skill for innovation, coupled with its extensive portfolio of advanced off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions, makes UNITED CAPS the chosen partner for a number of world leading companies.

UNITED CAPS combines advanced innovation and differentiated designs with a pioneering use of technology and exceptional services to produce high-quality caps and closures that create total packaging solutions.

Our wide range of customised and non-bespoke closures enable customers to evolve and extend their own packaging solutions. By maintaining their product integrity, assuring safety and consumer health and protecting their brand’s reputation, we support our customers’ value chain, helping them to uphold their market-leading positions.

Nescafé and UNITED CAPS reached new technological heights when they partnered to create the closure for the new 'Golden Moments' coffee.
UNITED CAPS has a wide range of customised and non-bespoke caps and closures.
127 SAFE-TE is one of the company's latest innovations in infant nutrition safety and convenience.
UNITED CAPS' portfolio includes award-winning anti-counterfeiting products.
The company is passionate that its closures should differentiate today and sustain tomorrow.
Around 50% of UNITED CAPS products are bespoke for individual customers.
UNITED CAPS produces high-quality caps and closures that create total packaging solutions.
UNITED CAPS is the chosen closures partner for countless world leading companies seeking high-performance packaging solutions.
The company is headquartered in Luxembourg, with other locations around the world.

Plastic closures and caps built to perform

UNITED CAPS has extensive experience in the design and development of plastic caps and closures for many applications in the food and non-food sectors. Whether you require a closure that delivers a reliable performance with substantial capping-line efficiency, or a cap that can offer a great end-user experience to set your brand apart, UNITED CAPS has the solution.

From edible oils to infant nutrition, beverages, agro-chemical and medical nutrition products, our portfolios deliver big innovation packed with small details.

Portfolio highlights include KINDCAP, the infant nutrition closure that’s kind to the environment and budgets, as well as 127 SAFE-TE, our newest arrival for Asia, which innovates infant nutrition safety and convenience, and our award-winning anti-counterfeiting products that make it easier to identify a genuine product.

Endless possibilities for on-shelf standout with bespoke caps and closures

Award-winning closures designed for Nestlé, Dow, Fujifilm and others underline the faith put in UNITED CAPS’ ability to generate bespoke products attuned to individual company’s needs.

Around 50% of UNITED CAPS products are bespoke for individual customers. With more than 80 years of experience, we have engineered countless unique beverage solutions, leveraging bi-injection processes, colour swatches and engraving techniques to create endless possibilities for on-shelf standout.

Big steps towards a smaller footprint

UNITED CAPS believes it’s important that we should not only respect the generations before us but also those that will follow. We are passionate that our closures should differentiate today and sustain tomorrow.

Everything we do comes with a promise to act ethically and respectfully, develop our products responsibly, invest in communities and be overall good stewards of the environment.


Headquartered in Luxembourg, UNITED CAPS is a reference player in the closures industry. The company has 11 production plants and 16 sales locations around the world, which allow it to be as close as possible to its customers to enable fast responses and localised production.

Key developments include:

  • In 2012, a new UNITED CAPS plant was opened in Greystones, Ireland
  • In 2014 a new plant in Schwerin, Germany, was opened
  • In 2015 we upgraded our facility in Hoboken, Belgium
  • In 2019 we opened a new plant in Kulim, Malaysia
  • New for 2020 include plants in Valframbert, France, and Dinnington, England

With almost 650 employees, UNITED CAP’s turnover as of the end of 2019 amounted to €158m.