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Colour Management and Proofing Solutions to Tackle the Opportunities and Challenges of the Packaging Market

GMG is a leading developer and global supplier of high-end colour management software and proof media for more than 30 years.

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GMG is a leading developer and global supplier of high-end colour management software and proof media for more than 30 years.

Seated in South Germany with more than 100 employees and subsidiaries in the US, England, Japan and China, GMG is well-known for its pioneering solutions and quality.

Colour accurate, low-cost packaging proofing

GMG FlexoProof is an out-of-the-box solution that offers consistent proofing across different printers and substrates, allowing for highly colour-accurate contone and halftone proof, and the simulation of individual substrate structures such as paper fibres or corrugated cardboard.

Teaming up with certain Epson, Mimaki and Roland printers, proofs, and outstanding packaging mockups can be produced on original substrates such as shrink film or cardboard.

GMG helps thousands of customers who are striving for perfection in colour management and proofing practice.
With GMG FlexoProof, quality and standardisation are no longer the reserve of offset printing.
As the world's only solution for an accurate simulation of the overprinting effects of spot colours, GMG OpenColor employs patented technology combined with a spectral database.
Uncompromising quality from the very beginning as in this digital mockup production powered by GMG.
One look at the back label of GMG proof media communicates high-quality in prepress.
GMG ColorServer ensures colour-accurate and consistent results across different substrates.
GMG CoZone is a cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-use system for collaborating, reviewing, proofing and approving media files prior to production.

Compared with conventional systems for the packaging and label market, GMG mockups excel not only in reliable colour accuracy, but also their pleasingly low production costs. Equipped with both HKS and the Pantone®-Library pre-loaded as standards, GMG FlexoProof holds central spot colour databases that can be edited and complemented.

Spot colour overprints

The interplay of inks printed on top of each other can be best simulated with GMG’s patented OpenColor technology. GMG OpenColor is a profiler that docks to GMG FlexoProof and allows the user to create accurate proofs that predict the overprinting behaviour of inks, be it CMYK or spot colours, with little measurement data.

The spectral data calculation applies mathematical models that combine print process and substrate-specific parameters with the actual ink information read from the measurement. Using spectral measurements, the ink properties can be better analysed and thus simulated in the proof. The resulting proofs provide a higher accuracy and colour conformance with the final product than comparable proofs by any other profiling and proofing system.

In terms of future-proofing, GMG FlexoProof holds a complete solution for achieving best-quality match-to-press when optical brightening agents are used, providing profiles that support the latest print standards, full support of the new measuring conditions andOBA-enhanced proof paper.

Innovative proof media for all proofing requirements

GMG provides innovative proof media with optimally matching profiles for all packaging requirements. Due to the optimised surface characteristics, the maximum utilisation of the printer’s colour space is supported. This has a particularly positive effect in the presentation of spot colours. GMG proof media are available for the most diverse requirements.

From semimatte, matte and gloss papers (with or without optical brighteners) for offset, gravure and photographic applications, to special paper for newspaper applications, and transparent film for flexo and packaging applications GMG supplies profiles for all popular proof printers. As well as for every international proof standard for use with the GMG FlexoProof application allowing out-of-the-box contract proofing for anyone, anywhere.

Automatic colour conversions for printing

GMG ColorServer enables data from different sources to be easily optimised for various printing methods, ensuring colour-accurate and consistent results in colourimetric and visual terms, even across different substrates.

The testing and normalisation of diverse PDF data is time consuming with conventional methods. Based on the Adobe® PDF Library, GMG ColorServer reduces this time by providing fully automated colour conversions, saving time and money for everyone involved. With GMG ColorServer, separation and conversion is no longer associated with an enormous amount of work.

Collaboration and colour management in the cloud

GMG CoZone centralises content approval and colour management into one fully integrated solution to improve efficiency throughout the creative design and colour production process,

The web-based platform requires no investment in locally installed software or expensive high-end hardware. GMG not only guarantees permanent accessibility, but also provides the highest security standards to maintain privacy.


  • OpenColor

    Imagine knowing the results before printing.

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Products & services

  • GMG ColorServer

    Whether you're a print shop or pre-press company, the problem is usually the same: customers often deliver print data in colour spaces or with data that still needs preparation for different printing methods.

  • GMG CoZone

    GMG CoZone is a web-based approval system that centralises content approval and colour management into one fully integrated solution.

  • GMG FlexoProof

    GMG FlexoProof is specifically geared to the needs of the flexo and packaging markets and allows direct processing of 1-bit imagesetter data, so they can be inexpensively proofed on inkjet printers, and errors detected before platesetting or the start of a press run.

  • GMG OpenColor

    The interplay of inks printed on top of each other can be best simulated with GMG's patented OpenColor technology.

  • GMG ProofMedia

    GMG supplies innovative proof media with matching profiles for all proofing requirements.

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