KHL Engineered Packaging Solutions will provide your business with a cost-effective, optimal packaging system designed to increase your productivity and meet all your specific packaging requirements. We combined the three essential components of a successful packaging solution: packaging machinery, packaging materials and technical support. Together with our sister company, The Kent H Landsberg Company, we offer:

Custom packaging materials

We offer custom-made and stock clamshells, flexible films, rigid and semi-rigid containers for food and industrial applications, printed and plain shrink bundling films, bakery and snack food packaging, and a variety of PVC films and sleeves.

Aroma and flavor packaging materials

Aromatic groceries need superior packaging items to retain their aroma and flavor. We offer a variety of pouches, bags with lamination and solvent-based packing items. The laminated multi-layer material ensures the protection of dry groceries from water vapor and aroma loss. These items can also be vacuum packed for protection or gas flushed to extend shelf life.

Frozen and refrigerated food packaging materials and equipment

Packaging items made of PET, nylon and PE lamination have high strength under frozen conditions and are therefore best suited for packing frozen food products. Stand-up pouches are used for refrigerated products, while retort pouches are ideal for frozen and refrigerated meals. We can handle all your food packaging requirements, from transfer of processing equipment to secondary and transport packaging.

With locations strategically placed across the United States and Mexico, KHL Engineered Packaging Solutions is uniquely equipped to handle even the largest national projects.
We supply custom poly bags, overwrap film, converter and lidding film, and shrink wrap film and bags.
KHL EPS offers a complete line of custom printed standup pouches, snack food packaging, and filling and sealing equipment.
We supply rigid containers and thermoform equipment for ready-made meals and fresh-cut produce.
KHL Engineered Packaging Solutions is also your one-stop source for secondary and transport packaging equipment and materials.

Various types of fruit juices, oils, chemicals and other drinks are packed in items produced from laminated film with barrier properties. Other materials that we provide include PET bottles, pouches, caps and lids.

Confectionery, bakery and cheese packaging materials and equipment

Polypropylenes, polyethelenes and metalized barrier films are the most common structures used in confectionery, bakery and cheese packaging materials.

Most snack foods are packaged in a metalized film to ensure product freshness and graphic stand-out ability. We offer a variety of films to run on vertical bagging equipment that offer great sealability and extended freshness.

In addition, we are pioneering revolutionary paper packaging substrates with a leading specialty papers company. Paper packaging, while universally accepted as more environmentally friendly that poly-based materials, is now gaining steam in the snack foods category for its high graphics and tamper evidence capabilities.

Vacuum packaging and vacuum pouches

Vacuum pouches are an ideal packaging material for meat, chicken, fish and industrial components as they have the required strength, sealability and product-protection features. The co-extruded pouches are highly functional in retaining the taste, aroma and integrity of each product. In addition, vacuum packaging provides a high moisture barrier for sensitive food items.

Overwrap film, converter film, and shrink wrap film and bags

We offer a vast range of shrink and overwrap film, converter film, custom bags and other polyethylene products for the food, beverage, publishing, industrial and building products markets.

The shrink wrap process places a sealed plastic bag over your product. The bagged product then moves through a heat tunnel, where the bag shrinks down to the exact size of your product. We carry an entire line of Shanklin shrink equipment, widely regarded as the most innovative and successful company in shrink packaging technology.

Blister packaging and skin packaging

The blister packaging process takes a thermoformed piece of hard plastic (the ‘blister’) and heat seals it over your product on a treated, printed card.

The skin packaging process heats a sheet of soft flexible film, then vacuums the film down over your product on a coated board.

Tray forming and cartoning

We currently manufacture and supply thousands of customers with corrugated, chipboard, paper trays and cartons. We offer one to eight color print capabilities, as well as a full design team located in offices across the US to assist with any graphics and structural projects.

We also offer a full line of tray forming and cartoning equipment, customizable to your needs.

Secondary and transport materials and equipment

In addition to primary packaging equipment, we can also supply some of the top secondary and transport equipment for your packaging operation. From case erecting and sealing, to stretch wrapping and palletizing, we have seen and done it all. We are truly the one source for complete line integration and support.

Our commitment to providing quality products and outstanding customer service is the cornerstone for our very existence. At KHL Engineered Packaging Solutions we don’t just view ourselves as merely a supplier, but a business partner necessary for helping you achieve your highest goals.