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Vacuum Chamber Machines, Rollstock Thermoformers, Tray Sealers, and Packaging Material

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The Swiss company VC999 Packaging Systems offers comprehensive vacuum packaging solutions for all kinds of applications. VC999’s wide range of vacuum packaging machines comprises vacuum chamber machines, rollstock thermoformers and tray sealing machines for all packaging needs. Furthermore, VC999 offers high-quality packaging materials for all VC999 packaging machines, such as shrink bags, pouches, films and trays.

Vacuum chamber machines

VC999’s wide range of vacuum chamber machines extends from small professional table-top and floor-standing models to large high-speed double-chamber machines.

All VC999 chamber vacuum packaging machines are designed for optimal user-friendliness and hygiene. The engineering is based on functionality. It avoids sharp edges and corners where dirt can collect. The stainless-steel construction is easily cleaned and complies with the strictest hygiene regulations. Microprocessor controls facilitate programming and guide the operator. The perfect high-pressure double sealing with bag overhang removal allows fast working, even with thick creases, grease or product liquids.

Conveyor belt machines

Industrial packaging calls for higher degrees of automation. The VC999 conveyor belt machines with automated infeed and outfeed take their part as well as more powerful pump systems and sophisticated vacuum technology. Combined with VC999 shrink tanks and VC999 dryers, entire packaging and shrink lines can be created for high-speed packaging.

The VC999 K2 and K3 table chamber machines are ideal for small restaurant kitchens, shop counters, and laboratories.
The wide range of VC999 vacuum chamber machines provides packaging solutions for all kinds of food as well as non-food products.
The conveyor belt machines of VC999 offer advanced technology for tough, everyday use.
The VC999 high-production rollstock thermoformers allow flexible and cost-efficient industrial packaging.
The comprehensive range of VC999 tray sealers covers all possible requirements of tray systems.

Rollstock thermoformers

VC999 rollstock thermoformers are used to pack large batches of similarly shaped products. Using VC999 thermoformers keeps costs for packaging materials and logistics at a minimum. The machines allow for large production quantities by using multiple tooling and high cycle speeds. Efficient and flexible solutions are possible: sealing only, MAP (modified atmosphere) or skin, and flexible or rigid packaging.

The engineering is based on functionality and the stainless-steel construction complies with the strictest hygiene regulations. The straightforward, modular design concept allows an easy integration of peripheral equipment such as dosing, filling, printing, coding, top and bottom web labelling, sorting devices, metal detection or weighing units.

Tray sealers

VC999 tray sealers cover all needs when packaging case-ready products in trays. The semi-automats of VC999 enable food producers to gain experience in this technology with little investment in capital and floor space. The large VC999 tray sealing automats manage capacities up to 6,000 trays per hour.

The single-track design makes integration of peripheral equipment easy. Efficient and flexible solutions are possible: sealing only, MAP (modified atmosphere) or skin-packaging, inside cut, outside cut or shrink film, printed film or labels, and standard or customised trays.

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