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Strong, Light and Renewable Creative Packaging Solutions

BillerudKorsnäs is a leading provider of strong, light, renewable and recyclable packaging materials.

Box 703,
169 27 Solna,
Fax Number

BillerudKorsnäs is a leading provider of strong, light, renewable and recyclable packaging materials.

Together with worldwide brand-owners, converters and packaging partners, the company creates smarter packaging solutions that increase profits, excite millions of consumers and contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come.

Fibre-based kraft and sack packaging paper

The packaging paper business area offers customers technically advanced primary fibre-based kraft and sack paper, as well as smart solutions in function, design and material choice.

All grades are strong and have excellent printability and runability that contribute to increased conversion process productivity for customers.

Millions of tonnes of industrial products, foodstuffs and animal feed are packed into sacks made from BillerudKorsnäs’s high-quality kraft paper.
BillerudKorsnäs Axello meets all the requirements for packaging of flour, sugar, pasta, and grain. The paper is approved for food contact, has a low weight and can be used for high-speed filling.
BillerudKorsnäs kraft paper for grocery and shopping bags is an attractive and durable alternative to plastic bags. In addition, Xpression provides the perfect opportunity for creative and expressive designs.
With extremely high stretchability comes the possibility to replace plastics with striking and personal packaging solutions in exciting shapes. BillerudKorsnäs FibreForm® offers new opportunities for all kinds of packaging solutions where previously traditional papers have had their limitations.
BillerudKorsnäs has produced liquid packaging board for more than 40 years. During that time we have invested a lot of resources in research and development, and are proud to be one of the leading manufacturers in the world.
BillerudKorsnäs fluting and liners are used in a huge variety of applications from boxes for fruit and vegetables and heavy-duty components to take-away pizza and premium wine and luxury goods.
On crowded shelves, in fast-paced retail environments, your packaging has one chance to make an impression. BillerudKorsnäs's range of cartonboard, white, artisan, carry and light, makes your package stand out from the crowd.

The packaging paper business area is divided into the following:

  • Sack paper: sacks for building material and chemicals
  • Kraft paper: bags for flour, sugar, grain, bread and shopping / grocery bags
  • FibreForm: different thermoforming packages
  • Kraft paper: medical applications
  • Market pulp

High-quality fibre board for beverages and consumer goods

The consumer board business area develops and sells high-quality board made from primary fibre to several segments, including beverages and consumer goods, which demand efficient, attractive and functional packaging.

The business area also provides a delivery service and application expertise solutions.

The consumer board business is consists of two business segments:

  • Liquid packaging board
  • Carton board: material for consumer packaging

Strong, hygienic corrugated container board

Corrugated board is one of the most commonly used packaging materials in the world. Most consumer goods are packed in corrugated boxes in transit. The container board business area offers container board made from primary fibre, which meets stringent demands on strength, hygiene and printing.

Advice on packaging optimisation helps brand owners identify the right packaging for items and logistics chains.

The container board business area includes:

  • Liner: coated and uncoated
  • Fluting

Logistics and solutions services for packaging

BillerudKorsnäs has an extensive knowledge of how packaging should be designed and constructed for the task in hand.

Through the company’s extensive range of solution services, customers, brand-owners and packaging designers are helped to identify the best packaging for their products and logistics.

Working exclusively with BillerudKorsnäs’ own material, the company considers everything from design, sustainability, efficient production and transport optimisation to consumer behaviour and how the packaging can contribute to the marketing of goods.

Climate-Smart Pods for Responsible Coffee

Malongo Coffee supplies the world’s coffee lovers with fair trade coffee and eco-coffee. Korsnäs supplies the packaging industry with climate-smart, paper-based packaging material.

6 November 2012

Korsnäs White is Made Lighter and Whiter

A major continuous upgrading of Korsnäs White has yielded two results so far. The whiteness is increased on both sides of the board and the weight has been reduced.

6 November 2012

Product Development with Feeling

Two new Korsnäs products add a dimension to packaging - they are unusual to the touch. If mere visual impact doesn't quite cut it, more customers are looking to a multisensory communication in packaging.

6 November 2012

PIDA France Expands to Two Participating Institutions

The Packaging Impact Design Award (PIDA) France has widened its scope after extending an invitation to The European Institute for Packaging Technology (Esepac), which joined the other university that had participated previously, IUT in Reims. Esepac was the winning institution at an event and awa

18 July 2010

Korsnäs’ Role in Effective Cinema Advertising

Snacks have become a natural part of seeing a film and cinemas are attractive advertising locations for brands to be seen in. Besides easy handling, the PortaSnack™ packaging solution offers a branding opportunity – in this case for Empire Cinemas and Robinsons Fruit Shoot drinks. "The desig

18 July 2010

Terminic – Day After Day of Excellence with Korsnäs White

A helpful office aid and an attractive advertising space – that's how Terminic promotes its wall calendars. The first calendar, a clever design featuring a corporate advert and a three-month calendar, was developed way back in 1937 for Unterweser Reederei in Bremen, Germany. Aside from a WWII war

18 July 2010

Korsnäs Climbs to a New Position in Consumer Packaging

In the 2010 Opticom Brand Tracking Survey for Consumer Packaging, the Korsnäs brand emerges as a contender. In three of the most important markets – France, Germany and the UK – Korsnäs ranks among the top brands*. The forest, pulp and paper industry has traditionally not bee

18 July 2010

Smurfit Kappa in Nybro Plans to Expand its Business with Korsnäs

The Smurfit Kappa companies in Sweden comprise every single link in the packaging value chain. Smurfit Kappa in Nybro uses Korsnäs Design for its most discerning customers. Deep in the endless, beautiful forests of south-east Sweden is Nybro. Within a 20km radius, you can find 15

18 July 2010

Korsnäs Brandy Decanter Box Wins Pro Carton / ECMA-Award 2009

Once again, ingenious packaging ideas demonstrated the diversity of carton - probably the most sustainable of all packaging materials. At the Pro Carton awards the winner in the Beverage category was a straightforward box with clean lines to display the decanter, while at the same time retaining

24 March 2010

Hotel Chocolat Achieves Luxurious Design Effects with Korsnäs White

The unbeatable combination of authentic ingredients, a good splash of imagination and plenty of flair has proved to be a winning recipe for Hotel Chocolat in the UK and beyond. Starting as a mail order catalogue business, the company now stretches from its own cocoa estate in St Lucia to more tha

24 March 2010

Korsnäs Welcomes Record Numbers to PIDA Germany 2009

With 180 participants, November 2009's edition of the Korsnäs Packaging Impact Design Awards at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart set a new record. The students contributed top-quality entries, and the theme of luxury and sustainability engaged the audience long after the official progr

24 March 2010

Going Green in the Luxury Market

Today's customers are aware. They are used to placing personal demands on brands, and they are sensitive to how brands handle their environmental responsibility. A typical tell-tale sign is the packaging because packaging is not only about design and function, it's also about the management of th

22 November 2009

New Quiche Pack Leads to Record Sales

Quality Meals identified a gap in the market: main-course quiches to meet the needs of families. Now they have the right pack for the product, too. What was once a problem is now an advantage – with the new pack sales shot up over 400% in six months. An appetising, smart design made of Korsn&

22 November 2009

Russian Caviar French Style – in Korsnäs White

Were you born with a silver spoon in your mouth? A teaspoon is enough. If so, you can purchase De Jaeger snail caviar: "A taste sensation that evokes a sense of walking in the forest after the rain, with hints of mushroom and moss," says Dominique Pierru, owner of the snail farm in France. The el

22 November 2009

Shape Your Brand with Korsnäs

Packaging is becoming more and more important to any brand. In fact, the package is often your only salesperson in a self-service environment. The package determines how well you can protect your product during transportation, achieve shelf impact in the store, communicate your brand and offer fu

19 November 2009

Innovative and Prestigious Edelmann Cuts Loose with Korsnäs White

Pharmaceuticals and premium products like cosmetics, hair colouring, chocolate and tobacco have long been Edelmann's specialities. Now they are taking the next step, showing what they can do with innovative boxes for luxury beverages. The campaign seeks to open doors to wine and spirits brand own

19 November 2009

Korsnäs Gävle Invests SEK 570 Million in Energy and Environment

Korsnäs Gävle is replacing its evaporator plant. The new plant will reduce oil consumption by almost 50%, cutting CO2 emissions by an equivalent amount. The total value of the investment is SEK 570 million. The new plant is beginning to take shape. This afternoon a ship ar

8 October 2009

Costa Coffee Selects Eye-Catching New Drinks Carrier from PortaDrink™

A big business at the 400 Costa Coffee cafés in the UK is selling coffee to take away. Up until December 2005 they were using grey pulp-moulded trays, which are boring and space-hungry. The challenge they faced was to find an alternative multi-cup carrier which was cost effective, eye

2 January 2007

Korsnäs’ Packlab’s Specially-Designed Chocolate and Pastry Packaging

Mälarchocolaterie is a small company in Västerås that produces handmade chocolate and pastries for connoisseurs. The tea room and shop are located in the concert hall, and provide an excellent combination for a complete experience: a time of meditation before the concert is like mu

2 January 2007

Frövi Light / Grafobal Vilnius Traditional Chocolate Boxes

A part of the magic of Christmas is the repetition that is involved. It should be like it always has been, otherwise it is just not Christmas. Computer-games and other extravagances are on many children's wish-lists, while the 'minimum claim' for younger children in the Baltic States and many Eas

2 January 2007

SEK100 Million Investment in Reverse-Side Coated Frövi White Cartonboard

Luxury brands demand white cartonboard with a smooth printing surface that can be easily designed, and a reverse side that can be printed upon. We're almost there. Korsnäs will launch a new white cartonboard in the first quarter of 2007, and it's clear that luxury is not cheap. We invested S

2 January 2007

Wow Factor with Korsnäs Gift Packaging

New thinking met tradition in the Gift Packaging category of the Students Starpack Award 2006. The brief was designed by Marks & Spencer in co-operation with Presentation Products and cartonboard producer Korsnäs (earlier AssiDomän Frövi). The target was to create packaging whi

5 October 2006

The Pack a Great Part of the Success

In July 2006, Jo Ashburner was awarded the coveted title of UK National Business Woman of the Year (The award is sponsored by Grazia (magazine) and 02 (mobile telecommunications)) "for her strong passion for innovation, determination to push the boundaries in her field and do business in a di

5 October 2006

Strong Branded Packaging from Up-and-Coming German Students

Frövi/Stuttgart - "Intelligent and creative packaging solutions with maximum selling power" was the general consideration taken into account in judging the entries from Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart in the first German Packaging Impact Design Award (PIDA). The competition for the n

5 October 2006

Looking Forward to Christmas and Chocolate with Nestlé’s Advent Calendar

The magic of Christmas is particularly exciting for children, and it without doubt brings out the inner child in us all! Producers and brand owners manufacture packaging that strikes the right chord among young consumers and their parents alike - parents who are likely to loosen their purse s

5 October 2006

Korsnäs to Launch Unique, Completely White Cartonboard

Where will we be tomorrow? This is an issue that Korsnäs (earlier AssiDomän Frövi) has been working on for the past two years in a large strategic packaging board project, where a thorough global market analysis was conducted to determine which products and services customers would

5 October 2006

Korsnäs Chosen for Demanding Print on Lindt Pack

When packing a smooth and mouth-watering product like top quality chocolates only the best will do. That's why the Italian converter Arti Grafiche Cellerino specially chose FRÖVI LIGHT for this Lindt chocolate selection box, because of its superb combination of strength, print surface and pr

28 July 2006

Class Carton for Luxurious Treat

You can't pack an occasion but you can present a pack that symbolizes and enhances an occasion and image, and in that way give so much more added value to the content. In this case London's 'Parker Williams Design' developed the identity, packaging and point-of-sale for a new premium b

28 July 2006

Chocolate – a Real Indulgence

There is lots of talk when it comes to chocolate. It is almost like medicine. It can help you lose weight. It can bring both happiness and love into your life. But these arguments should mostly be taken with a pinch of salt. However, serious market studies about chocolate consumption give us an

28 July 2006

Frövi Design Unit Delivered Creative Needle Package

SCA Packaging in Skovlunde asked PackLab for help in designing a new functional package with a clever opening that met hospital needs. The old microflute package did not work for storage on high shelves in hospital storerooms. Every time someone had to get a needle, they had to take dow

9 May 2006

POP Affects Every Customer’s Wallet

Brand-owners have to market their products well enough or they lose in-store sales. Increasingly, different types of displays are used to influence the customer when choosing products (moment of truth) in the shop. Buy this, and buy it now! In today's consumer society most of the buying

9 May 2006

It is about attitude!

The French brand Couleur Caramel is growing like mad. Over the past two years it has increased both turnover and profit by 400 % per annum. It's a company with a strong ethical identity - with respect for the environment and human relations - that attracts an increasing number of consumers. U

9 May 2006

Looking for Tip-Top Condition?

No crushed cartons with FRÖVI BRIGHT but a high packaging impact with the right image secured increased sales for Gaiam International. When Gaiam International were looking to improve the packaging of their POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle trainer they chose John Hampden Packaging i

23 February 2006

A More Attractive Surface Markets Swedish Cartonboard to Cosmetic Producers

Cartonboard manufacturer AssiDomän Frövi has developed an advanced promotional packaging for aftershave and moisturizing crème to market its product FRÖVI BRIGHT to cosmetic producers and other customers. The packaging demonstrates the cartonboard's possibilities for innovativ

23 February 2006

Eye-Catching Packaging at H&M

A growing number of cosmetics producers are having their eyes opened to FRÖVI BRIGHT cartonboard. Examples are shown here of new packages for nail sculpting and permanent dye for eyelashes and brows sold by retailers including H&M. The package strikes a perfect balance between retail nee

23 February 2006

Frövi Improves Ballantine’s Retail Performance

The Ballantine's saga started in 1827, when farmer's son George Ballantine set up a small grocery store in Edinburgh. As the years went by he involved his sons Archibald and George junior and opened an establishment in Glasgow, where he concentrated on the wine and spirit trade. There he began to

1 December 2005

A BRIGHT Package to Delight All the Senses

Marketing trends come and go and the only constant in the field is change. But one thing getting clearer all the time is that a strong brand needs more than visual marketing and the tendency is moving towards involving other senses in building the brand. The visual is combined with the senses of

1 December 2005

“A Good Deal” at Jysk

As the Christmas season approaches - a time when consumers are inclined to open their wallets - retailers have to strike while the iron is hot. A gift package that is suggestive of the occasion and the contents is easy to carry home and looks gorgeous under the tree. It also stimulates sales and

1 December 2005

Frövi – a Winner in the Beauty Contest!

Sales of cosmetics and beauty products have always depended a great deal on beautiful packages with a high seduction factor - packages that sell dreams rather than mere products. At Christmas, the industry goes all out to please the consumer while ensuring higher sales revenues. Em

1 December 2005

They Packed Vodka – in a Book

The award winners addressed single women and people on the move. Whisky packs in different shapes - one for men and one for women. A smart medical kit for the small household. Elegant packaging solutions for the computer mouse. But the award winners in Frövi's design com

13 October 2005

Supreme Gold Award for User-Friendly Pack

For the first time in several years a Supreme Gold was awarded at the 2005 Starpack Awards. The combination of Frövi-board, plastic, Cekacan technology and Blue Marlin Brand Design delivers smart functionality in the Cow & Gate Infant Milk packs. The judges wer

13 October 2005

FRÖVI BRIGHT Caters for a Luxurious Lifestyle

Our yearning for service and convenience is constant, but the means to satisfy this need changes over time. The answer to yesterday's optimum luxury with servants offering delicacies on silver trays is today's gourmet food ordered on the Internet and delivered to your doorstep in appealing board

29 August 2005

Frövi’s Service Package – including Design

"Service and cost efficiency are the crucial factors when choosing your board supplier", says Mr Michael Ludwig, Packaging Development Manager at Dr Scheller Cosmetics AG in Germany. "We don't have the right equipment for testing different board grades and are therefore dependent on the technical

17 May 2005

Students Starpack Award – New Designs for Christmas Chocolate

Frövi’s co-operation with students results in new concepts in packaging design. Fresh ideas are like an injection of inspiration to the traditional packaging world. Since 1964 the Institute of Packaging in the UK has arranged Student Starpack Awards. The institution has become

10 May 2005

Frövi Shapes Up

Our new life style fuels the demand for new products to be introduced on the market. It started with Tex Mex and now interest is focused on Asian food. More travelling, with influences from other cuisines combined with the gourmet trend, the urge to experiment and time pressur

10 May 2005

Frövi Inspires Young Design

Just having a good product is not enough. Design has become the crucial factor for success. In order to strengthen “ brand Sweden” and to encourage industry to create new networks, the Swedish government has initiated the project “Designåret (design year) 2005”. This is a bold

18 March 2005

Packaging Impact with Frövi

Whisky has been distilled in Scotland for many centuries. Depending on who you ask, evidence shows that the art of distilling could have originated by Celts, Christian missionary monks or Highland farmers themselves. Regardless of its origin, few can argue that the art of distilling spirits was p

18 March 2005

The CD that’s a Case of Downright Packaging Impact

A CD case designed to give everyone who sees it a natural urge to pick it up! AssiDomän Frövi developed precisely that as PR material meant to concretely demonstrate new possibilities and the true meaning of 'packaging impact'. The strength of AssiDomän Frövi’s c

10 March 2005

Harry Potter Thinks Frövi is Wizard for Chocolate!

Magical Harry Potter seems to appear everywhere; in different countries and in different situations - here in good company with LEGO-toys in an Easter egg from Iceland. Chocolate sensitive for taint and odour The box has an open window, which puts high demands on

7 March 2005

Packaging is Pure Theatre

It is not mere chance that some companies survive and flourish in very close competition, where the conditions are changing in different periods. Marks & Spencer has gone through many different phases since Michael Marks formed a partnership with Tom Spencer in 1894 and to

7 March 2005

Wine by Design

Tailor-made for the fridge CRP Print and Packaging, based in the UK, have won many plaudits for the design of their point of sale displays and packaging. Sometimes it is the simple aspects of design that have the greatest impact and this is certainly true of CRP's Refrigerator Pack for

27 January 2005

Frövi for First Aid

Top level performance for health care. Convenience and a convincing performance are the major issues for Beiersdorf, the German global player in health care and cosmetics. Attractive and functional packs reflecting the premium character is a way for an international leading br

25 January 2005

FRÖVI LIGHT for Organic Range of ANNAS Ginger Thins

A real MUST for the Swedish Christmas season is the spicy ginger thin with ingredients like cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Of course, preferably hand-made, but for minimizing the December stress factor, shop-bought thins are OK, especially if the brand is ANNAS. The thins were introduce

29 November 2004

Countdown to Christmas in FRÖVI BRIGHT

Curious and impatient are the key-words to describe the mood of the target group for advent calendars. The advent atlas from Gubor keeps them busy a little each day before Christmas and it is also building up the excitement for the Big Day. This big Gubor advent atlas for children off

29 November 2004

Mediterranean Well-Being on Seductive FRÖVI Board

The soft touch of the packaging differentiates L’Occitane and communicates the love of nature, reflecting the true elegance of simplicity. Printing on the Reverse L’Occitane started up on a small scale some 30 years ago and has step-by-step achieved a significant

10 November 2004

Added Functions in Awarded FRÖVI pack

When designing packaging for staple foods convenience is often the last thing to be considered. This rice carton - awarded in the ECMA/Pro Carton competition 2004 - shows that perhaps it should be one of the first. The rice pack won in the category All other food. The number of

10 November 2004

Customer Satisfaction – the Driving Force Behind FRÖVI

How do our customers perceive us? What are our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to service, knowledge and product? How do we perform compared to our competitors? Most importantly, are we improving? Our annual customer satisfaction survey not only provides a check on our p

3 November 2004

End-User Managers Focusing on Packaging Solutions

The New Way of Doing Business We are constantly raising the question of how we can improve our offer to the customers. We have always been very focused on the needs of our customers - the converters - and also the preferences of their customers - the brand owners. In recent yea

13 September 2004

FRÖVI LIGHT Meets the Requirements for Demanding Mail-Order Handling

Vitamex AB is the company that is distributing energy building capsules to active sportsmen/women and joggers via mail-orders. Subscribers receive a nutrition booster that consists of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids etc. The concept was introduced ten years ago and FRÖVI LIGHT was chosen as

9 September 2004

Students Inspire with Frövi Board

Creative packaging ideas with many different aspects of added value were presented in the annual packaging seminar in Barcelona in June. 20 students from six schools in the Iberian peninsula were participating in the seminar at the Escola Massana art- and design school.

7 September 2004

Bright Branding – Fair and Square!

“Stand out and deliver a promise” Ritter Sport took a bold step into new territory when launching Schokowürfel at spring 2004. The famous chocolate square has added a third dimension with the flow-wrapped chocolate cubes. Ritter Sport have been consistent in their brand

2 September 2004

Stylish and Fun ‘Suitcase’ in FRÖVI CARRY

Increased consumer loyalty with chilled glasses A coveted Gold Star was awarded to Coors Brewers at the 2004 Starpack Awards ceremony. The winning pack in the consumer category was designed for the Grolsch Home Entertainment System pack, which, by containing an in-fridg

14 June 2004

FRÖVI CARRY in Prize Winning Whisky Pack

Alexir Packaging have enjoyed success in this year’s StarPack awards with their Old St. Andrews whisky carton produced on FRÖVI CARRY. The UK based packaging company was awarded a Bronze Award at a ceremony held at the recent Total Packaging and Processing show. Combination

14 June 2004

Bag-in-Box Completed with Frövi Board

Changed consumer habits, convenience and a comfortable price level open up an opportunity. Now and Then As a result of foreign travel Swedes have brought continental habits back home. Step by step the consumption pattern of wine-drinking has changed from opening

14 June 2004

United Europe – This Calls for a Celebration

On the 1st May 2004 new members were added to the European congregation – EU. With the disappearing customs rules new possibilities for trading within Europe are opened up. Join the party in Portugal The brewer Saku Ólletehase AS in Estonia has launched se

19 May 2004

The Sweet Taste of Success with FRÖVI BRIGHT

Nordzucker in Germany made considerable savings when switching from FBB to FRÖVI BRIGHT for their powder sugar. The most substantial cost saving came from eliminating the transport packaging and they now load caseless with the packs loaded on trays directly on the pallet.

19 May 2004

Say it with Flowers – in Attractive Frövi-board

AssiDomän Frövi's "Cornet" is a new alternative to existing ranges of flower wrappings. It has such a strong image it can even promote the idea of treating someone with a pot plant. The Gift that will be Noticed When you give a present to someone, the whole idea

24 February 2004


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