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Production Packaging Innovations

Designing Packaging Solutions for a Range of Industries

Production Packaging Innovations (PPI) is geared towards providing solutions for your packaging needs. Innovation is not just in our name, it’s in our nature. PPI focuses on meeting customer needs and offering solutions in efficient and affordable ways.

With roots stretching back 140 years, we know our trade inside and out. Our commitment to innovation is also apparent in our past, as during the 1950s we were Australia’s first to perform flexographic printing on poly bags.

With our expertise, manufacturing ability and materials, we approach each task with the aim to provide designs that deliver in every way.

Enhancing your product’s appeal

When your new product is ready to take on the competition, you need packaging which makes that possible. That’s where we come in. We help boost your product’s appeal with packaging which:

• Distinguishes your product
• Promotes branding
• Protects your product
• Advertises your range
• Improves and increases transport options
• Displays assembly instructions efficiently

Of course, packaging which performs these functions doesn’t appear from nowhere – neither does knowledge of how to incorporate these features. That’s why Production Packaging Innovations’ experience is vital. We know what steps need to be taken to create packages you want to use. These stages include:

• Conceptual sketches / discussions
• Technical drawings
• Samples and adjustments
• Approval
• Package production

Logistics packaging solutions across industries

We consider ourselves as problem solvers. That’s why we prioritise your needs. Our design engineers work towards producing safe, attractive and environmentally-friendly results for our clients. We use a range of materials to create the best packages for your requirements.

Attention to deal, a culture of care and manufacturing capabilities ensure we offer flexibility in what we offer. We also aim to give you exactly what you need, even if it’s straightforward. If a carton is what you need, that’s what we’ll suggest, according to your product’s specifications.

To give you an idea of what we provide, here are a few of our logistics packaging solutions:

• Shipper cartons
• Protective packaging / inserts
• Customised solutions
• Heavy duty packaging
• Mailing packs
• Wine bottle shippers
• Timber products
• Moisture protection

Marketing through packaging – creating impressions

At PPI, we recognise how important marketing is. In many ways it’s the most vital function of commercial packaging, so we know how crucial this is to success. You get one chance to make that first impression, so we’ll help make it count.

Packaging we strive to create promotes corporate values through graphics. It reflects the product’s positioning through design. And of course, it exudes the ‘must buy’ factor. That’s why we aim to capture the consumer’s imagination to help you make that sale.

Types of marketing packaging which we provide include:

• Display stands
• Counter displays
• Brochure stands
• Sample packaging
• Gift boxes
• Wine gift packs
• Window displays
• Polypropylene

Design facilities and a process that delivers

The motto we follow is ‘design that delivers’. To back this, we use CAD design equipment, coupled with expertise, to help create designs which make a difference. From sketched idea to cardboard sample, we aim to do things quickly. Packaging options are endless, but time and money aren’t, so we aim to create a solution which does what you need.

When in production, we consider:

• Item quantities to be manufactured
• Budgets
• Product endurance
• The best manufacturing route
• Alternatives and style

The disciplined process PPI follows is geared towards producing high quality, on time. Years of experience have allowed us to fine tailor our process, and no new packaging is produced without considering a number of factors.

Our preferred method follows these steps:

• Give us a call – When you know what you want, call us
• First designs – After an initial meeting, our team will produce a sample package
• Pricing and production – Once design is finalised, we decide how it will be produced.
• Dieline – Upon receipt of your order, we supply an electronic dieline in EPS format for you to lay your artwork over, though we can arrange to complete this step for you
• Proof and approval – Once artwork has been processed, final pre-production proofs are supplied. Once approved, they are signed and returned to PPI as the go-ahead
• Final production – Delivery can be expected within two to six weeks depending on order size