Laem System is a world-renowned brand in designing, engineering and manufacturing slitter rewinders, machines and equipment for the packaging industry. The company has been an important partner for film manufacturers and metalised film converters for more than 40 years.

Over the decades, Laem System has earned its position of trust in the market thanks to two fundamental values: the great tradition of Italian creativity and engineering, which has always been esteemed worldwide, and the ability to read and often anticipate all new sector needs, proposing increasingly evolved and innovative solutions.

Design, installation and service for film manufacturers and converters

Laem System appeared on the market in 1972, offering advanced technology and customised industrial solutions. The new millennium brought about the real evolutionary step. In 2001, Elliot Malki took over the company and relaunched it with an ambitious objective: to make Laem System one of the most important worldwide manufacturers of slitter rewinders and converting machines. It was a grand goal, but entirely possible, thanks to a clear, well-defined strategy:

  • An engineering department of the very highest standards primed to work closely with clients to develop hardware and software aimed at resolving the most sophisticated design and installation needs
  • Maximum productive process efficiency and flexibility to optimise the quality of each machine
  • A constant presence on the international market, with highly qualified agents
  • A prompt and effective post-sales service to provide instant phone support or to guarantee immediate intervention directly on the machine, with direct access to the PLC through remote assistance

Modular compact dual-shaft slitter rewinders

With a mixture of strategy and skill, Laem System delivers the highest standards of quality in every solution; from the modular compact dual-shaft slitter rewinders of the RB series to the highest automation and speed of the TR series, ideal for large production volumes. These machines grant a level of previously unattainable efficiency thanks to the flexibility of the layouts and the integration of special devices.

Laem System’s headquarters in Alessandria, Italy.
With more than 40 years experience, Laem System is the perfect partner in the packaging industry.
Laem System produces slitter rewinders and converting machines of the highest quality.
The RB4 modular compact dual-shaft slitter rewinder.
Laem System offers design, installation and service of machines and equipment for film manufacturers and metalised film converters.

The future of automated slitter rewinder technology

The year 2014 will see an important new evolutionary step: the merger with Eutro Log SpA, a leader in industrial automation and robotics. This strategic decision was reached following an extended partnership between the two companies, aimed at further strengthening their presence on the market and delivering increasingly complete and integrated solutions. A grand, ambitious objective is to create the factory of the future, where the integrated automatisms of the turret slitter rewinder and the latest generation robots manage the entire cutting and packaging department with the most innovative sector solutions.

The skills of the two historic brands will merge to create a large new venture, where ideas are gathered, strategies integrated, services enhanced and communication forged with the client. Above all, the union shares the fundamental principles of perfection and passion that have always characterised Laem System.