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Brand Protection, Design, Production and Management for Packaging

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Kodak has a long heritage in the packaging industry. It has experience not only in decoration but also in the entire value chain from initial design and asset management, right through to brand security and production workflow.

Brand protection services for packaging

Almost every successful product in the world is being copied and diverted so companies need a strong brand protection partner that offers a wide range of solutions designed to defend their brands, products and customers. Kodak has helped a variety of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, luxury goods and consumer packaged goods to protect and track their products around the world.

Kodak’s global presence, strength in material science, imaging science and printing technology, coupled with over 20 years of experience as a security advisor in the brand protection space, makes it an ideal partner for your current and future needs.

Enterprise marketing and design management systems

Large companies face a variety of challenges in today’s competitive enterprise marketing environment. Kodak’s Design2Launch solutions deliver powerful efficiencies that organise assets across brands, departments and suppliers, creating a single streamlined, centralised marketing enterprise. They feature an end-to-end digital workflow for marketing and creative teams that improves speed, visibility and collaboration, which are critical to ever-changing global business requirements.

Kodak offers a wide range of solutions to protect product brands from being copied or diverted.
Design2launch solutions feature an end-to-end digital workflow for marketing and creative teams.
Flexible packaging includes stand-up pouches, packaging foils and flexible plastics.
Designers use special effects and unusual structures to attract customers to folding cartons. You can make these ideas an easy, profitable reality with Kodak's folding carton solutions.
Whether you're printing on paper, synthetic paper or film, Kodak can help your clients break through the clutter with innovative label and tag designs.
Kodak's Unified Workflow solution integrates and unifies the many aspects of business and production, colour and data.

Printing and decoration technology for packaging

Vibrant colour, consistency and gravure like quality are what drive package sales. Only Kodak offers the most complete portfolio of offset, flexographic and digital products that print eye-catching packages. Combine that with Kodak’s bulletproof workflow and colour-accurate proofing and you’ve got solutions that are as efficient as they are innovative.

Flexible plastics, stand-up pouches and packaging foils

Take advantage of the growth in stand-up pouches, packaging foils and flexible plastics with innovative flexible packaging solutions that deliver maximum impact and accurate brand colours.

From concept to consumer, Kodak’s packaging printing solutions help you deliver high-impact stand-up pouches and bag containers with accurate brand colours across all substrates, through most printing processes.

Kodak’s award-winning Flexcel NX flexo printing plate is revolutionary, award-winning and ground-breaking in the printing industry, it is what it can do for your sales and profitability that really steals the show, increasing shelf impact, adding depth of colour and improving clarity of print help put your brand in pride of place and make it stand out from the crowd. It is Kodak’s ability to do this and reduce the cost and complexity of production that makes its technology an all round winner.

Offset, flexo and digital folding carton packaging

Folding cartons are important marketing tools and designers use special effects and unusual structures to attract customers. Make these ideas an easy, profitable reality with Kodak’s folding carton solutions.

Kodak offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of offset, flexo, and digital packaging solutions for folding carton printing. Accurate proofing, thermal CTP and especially designed offset plates create an efficient, consistent and productive process delivering consistent and impressive quality.

Tags and labels

Kodak’s packaging printing solutions help you deliver greater product appeal with complex graphics, stronger colours and higher resolution on a wide variety of substrates. Kodak’s solutions deliver accurate colour and high-quality graphics to support in-mold, lift, self-adhesive, shrink sleeves, stretch sleeves, and wrap-around labels.

Unified workflow and production systems

Most printers have responded to stiff competition and shrinking margins with a varied approach: increase automation to reduce labour, cut waste, implement new systems, and differentiate with new service offerings like digital print capabilities and asset management. Each addition adds a new level of complexity, and each tends to live on its own, with a disconnected workflow and isolated automation. They don’t exchange information and can’t be centrally controlled.

Kodak’s Unified Workflow solution brings all these systems together and creates a single cohesive workflow. It is one comprehensive solution that integrates and unifies the many aspects of business and production, colour and data. It can change the way your business operates. It can support your growth into new service offerings and new markets. It can transform the way you interact with print buyers and specifiers, and fundamentally improve the way they perceive you and your business.

Digital print and high-volume inkjet imprinting

As a world leader in high-speed, variable data inkjet, KODAK VERSAMARK printing systems are working in a wide variety of applications, either as complete systems or as seamlessly integrated subsets of existing workflows, to help printers, packers and converters increase revenue, add value, reduce costs and attract more business. Use of full colour or black and white imprinting heads give variety and creativity to the most demanding of packaging solutions.

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