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Specialised Packaging Films

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Manish Packaging is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of specialised packaging films, used worldwide by converters and printers for renowned manufacturers of leading confectionery, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and consumer product brands. Our products have significantly contributed to the packaging and labelling of branded goods across the global market.

Our product range includes:

  • PVC twist films and PET twist films for confectionery
  • Calendar PVC shrink films for shrink labels and sleeves
  • PET shrink films for high-performance shrink sleeves and labels
  • PVC films for cold forming and child-proof packaging in the pharmaceutical industry

Besides, heat-sealable PVC films, print lamination PVC films and general-purpose PVC films are among our wide range of speciality rigid PVC films, which have been used for various packaging applications for more than four decades.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, providing packaging solutions focused on the specific needs of end-users. We sell our products to more than 60 countries in the global export market, with our total annual production of packaging films 24,000MT – aggregate of PVC and PET Films.

Manish Packaging is a leading manufacturer and exporter of speciality packaging films in PVC and PET.
We make PVC and PET twist films for confectionery wrapping, and PVC and PET shrink sleeves and label films.
Our specialised print lamination PVC films for child-proof packaging and cold forming laminates are used in the pharmaceutical industry.
Our packaging film products fulfil the regular and specific requirements of flexible packaging printers and end-users worldwide.
We sell our products to more than 60 countries in the global export market, with total annual production exceeding 18,000Mt of film.

PVC twist films for confectionery wrapping

In 1990, we successfully developed non-toxic PVC twist films, which meet the strictest specifications of end-users and are accepted by the confectionery industry as a viable economic replacement to expensive packaging media such as cellophane and other twistable films.

The features of our PVC twist films are as follows:

  • Product range: transparent, metalised, colour-pigmented, opaque white, strip metalised
  • Thickness: 22mi, 25mi, 27mi, 30mi standard, and any other suitable thickness as required by customers and end-users
  • Working performance: works efficiently with all types of old or new twist wrap machines, and runs well even on high speed at 2,300pcs per minute
  • Product features: no static issue, efficient twisting, high twist retention, high tensile strength, cold twist film (no hot air required) and easy to print without surface treatment

Calendar PVC shrink films for sleeves and labels

We manufacture calendar PVC shrink films in standard TD shrinkage of 58% and in high TD shrinkage of 62%, meeting the specific requirements of end-users.

The features of our shrink films are as follows:

  • Excellent dimensional stability and efficient machine-ability
  • High-quality printability – reverse printing enables high gloss
  • Good ink and adhesive compatibility
  • Uniform and consistent shrinkage supporting 360° graphics
  • Designed for full body sleeve labels, promotion packs, multi-packs and tamper-evident closures

Shrink label PET films

To meet the advanced and changing market trend for new branding, we recently introduced special grade shrink label PET films for high-performance shrink sleeves and label applications.

The features of our PET films are as follows:

  • TD shrinkage 75% and MD shrinkage 3%
  • Low shrink force
  • Efficient shrink performance to suit high-contour bottles
  • High clarity
  • Enables superior printing supporting 360° graphics
  • Chemical resistance
  • Recyclable

PET twist films for confectionery wrapping

Looking to cater to market needs, we introduced PET twist films for confectionery wrapping.

The features of our PET twist films are as follows:

  • High clarity and gloss
  • Excellent twisting and twist retention
  • High mechanical strength
  • No static issue
  • Runs efficiently on high-speed twist machines
  • Efficient printing with regular inks

Rigid PVC film for pharmaceuticals

Our specialised rigid PVC film with 15mi thickness is used with aluminium foil for child-proof packaging, while the 60mi and above thickness film is used with aluminium foil and other substrates for cold forming, to package tablets and capsules for the pharmaceutical industry.

Products & services

  • PET Shrink Films

    Our high-performance PET shrink films are produced at our recently installed modernised production facility.

  • PET Twist Films

    To meet the market requirements of other competent packing media for confectionery wrapping, we recently added PET twist films to our twist wrap packaging products.

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Our rigid PVC films are used for child-proof packaging and for cold forming with aluminium foil and other substrates to package tablets and capsules.

  • Print Lamination PVC Films

    We produce print lamination films in thickness starting as low as 4mi, for varied packaging applications such as print boards, magazines and boxes.

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