Teams who manage packaging and labeling are facing increasing challenges:

  • Pressure to increase speed-to-market
  • Lack of visibility across projects
  • Lengthy review and approval cycles
  • Demand for more work with fewer resources
  • Strict regulatory compliance
  • Inconsistent brand representation across regions and initiatives

Kodak Design2Launch Brand Manager addresses these issues by combining powerful workflow automation, secure digital asset management and collaborative review and approval. This web-based solution allows enterprises to accelerate and streamline the development process of product packaging and marketing campaigns from initial creation to global translation, distribution and versioning.

With Design2Launch Brand Manager, marketing and packaging teams can better manage business processes and assets across suppliers and in-house teams. It reduces errors and maintains brand standards by providing a single source of approved content. Meanwhile, advanced project management tools and automated workflows enforce corporate processes to prevent oversights and ensure regulatory compliance.

Packaging workflow automation

Design2Launch Brand Manager’s powerful engine supports unlimited workflows with fully automated routing and alerts. It can be configured to oversee any business process, from basic review and approval to comprehensive product development, promoting timely task execution, efficient teamwork, visibility and accountability.

Kodak Design2Launch Brand Manager combines powerful workflow automation, secure digital asset management, and collaborative review and approval.
Design2Launch Brand Manager’s powerful engine supports unlimited workflows.
Design2Launch Brand Manager enables precise and fast online proofing.
Design2Launch Brand Manager enables marketing and packaging teams to better manage business processes and assets across suppliers and in-house teams.

The system’s dashboards can be customized with your brand and you can provide task-specific access for creative partners and production facilities. Every task is tracked and can be monitored by your partners and managers. Design2Launch Brand Manager maintains a complete audit trail, with electronic signatures that increase security during the approval process.

Web-based asset sharing

With Design2Launch Brand Manager, your enterprise can provide secure, web-based access to all of your digital brand assets. Nearly any asset can be shared, including print-ready prepress files for packaging or marketing collateral. This solution speeds development and can help you reduce or eliminate agency, supplier and delivery fees by managing your own brand assets across all media.

Real-time packaging proofing

With Design2Launch Brand Manager, online proofing is precise and fast. The Kodak Smart Review System instantly provides content or layout proofing with the ability to zoom in to the pixel level. It allows any number of people to proof and annotate items simultaneously – the software reconciles all comments and tracks all versions.

Repurpose packaging materials while preserving brand consistency

Design2Launch Brand Manager enables sequential and parallel routing, maintains version control and monitors all work-in-process files, helping maintain regulatory compliance and brand consistency. Digital assets, such as packaging designs, artwork and labeling, POP material and all associated documents can be readily repurposed, accelerating time to market.

Content certification module for marketing and packaging materials

The content certification module enables you to create a library of up-to-date, approved copy, images and logos for use in all marketing and packaging materials. The system can also maintain translations of each copy element to streamline the creation of multi-language artwork and localized content.

No more accidental use of outdated copy; no more sharing, updating and maintaining copy via e-mail; no more re-creating the same assets or translations over and over – with content certification, copy becomes a reliable, managed asset to be shared and reused across the entire organization.