VIP Packaging is the leading plastic and steel packaging solutions provider in Australia and New Zealand, delivering innovative technologies and sustainable outcomes for its customers.

Our products and services include a variety of plastic and steel packaging options, closure systems, extrusion and thermoformed packaging and a sustainability services division that is dedicated to achieving VIP Packaging’s objective of 100% recyclability. VIP Packaging delivers stand-out solutions that add value to your business, whatever shape your brand takes.

Sustainable plastic and steel packaging range

VIP Packaging’s products and services include plastic and steel packaging; caps and closure systems; extrusion and thermoformed packaging; creative packaging design services; and sustainable packaging services.

Steel and plastic packaging for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, household and agricultural industries

VIP Packaging’s products include a variety of plastic and steel packaging options.
VIP Packaging manufactures PET wine bottles.
VIP Packaging can supply new intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and reconditioned IBCs.
VIP Packaging’s products and services include caps and closure systems.
VIP Packaging’s sustainable plastic packaging is an example of the company’s dedication to achieving 100% recyclability.

VIP Packaging’s sustainable plastic and steel packaging products can be used in the following industries:

  • FMCG and niche consumer food and beverage
  • Personal care, pharmaceutical, household and surface coatings
  • Industrially based chemical, agricultural, petroleum and building industries

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), PET wine bottles and barrier packaging

VIP Packaging manufactures a wide range of sustainable plastic packaging, including PET, HDPE, PP and LDPE plastic bottles and jars, barrier containers, PET wine bottles and milk bottles. VIP Packaging also offers plastic vials and tubs; plastic, laminate and barrier tubes; and customised packaging solutions.

Other plastic packaging products include: new IBCs, reconditioned IBCs, Mauser® IBCs and Mauser® drums, plastic cubes, plastic and Fuel Safe® jerrycans and SuperLift™ plastic pails.

Sustainable steel packaging – polylined drums, reconditioned drums and tinplate pails

VIP Packaging manufactures steel drums, polylined drums, general line cans, tinplate pails and reconditioned drums. As part of its sustainability services, VIP Packaging can also offer IBC and drum reconditioning. The company also runs industry and customer collection programmes for hard to recycle packaging.

Tamper-evident closures, child-resistant closures and speciality closures

VIP Packaging manufactures a wide range of closure systems, including beverage closures, dispensing closures, tamper-evident closures, speciality closures, custom packaging and child-resistant closures.

Extrusion and thermoformed packaging

VIP Packaging’s range of extrusion and thermoformed packaging includes:

  • Ultra PET® bakery packaging and Ultra PET® food bowls
  • Glofoam® food trays, custom packaging and CPET ovenable trays