SkyCool™ addresses one of the most pressing challenges in the supermarket industry, namely excessive solar heat on the roofs of supermarkets, and by doing so significantly lowers air conditioning costs while improving the shopping experience.

SkyCool™ benefits for infrastructure

SkyCool™ is not just a product, but also a strategic investment in the longevity and efficiency of the client’s infrastructure. This advanced, non-toxic, water-based acrylic polymer matrix coating is expertly engineered to repel excess solar heat from exposed surfaces.

It does this by ingeniously combining two typically disparate surface properties – white body reflectance at 90% and black body emissivity at 96%. This unique blend ensures our buildings stay cool, even under the harshest sun, leading to significant energy savings and improved customer comfort.

But the benefits of SkyCool™ extend beyond heat management. Its highly elastomeric nature forms a water-impermeable coating, protecting client infrastructure from corrosion and water incursion. This not only extends the lifespan of the customer’s buildings but also reduces maintenance costs.

Safe and easy coating application process

The application of SkyCool™ is seamless and efficient. It requires no pre-application preparation and is applied by certified professionals using airless spray systems. The process involves a two-pass application, ensuring optimal bond with the substrate and building the coating to its optimal operating dry film thickness of 350 microns and more importantly, does not impinge upon the daily operation of the supermarket.

Safety and precaution are at the forefront of the application process. All Occupational Health & Safety regulations are strictly adhered to, and contingencies are in place to ensure that weather conditions do not compromise the installation.

Power saving and sustainability

Investing in SkyCool™ is a strategic decision that would align with your commitment to operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sustainable practices. It’s a decision that will not only reduce your energy costs but also enhance the longevity of your buildings and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Indicative guides to direct power savings, of up to 30%-50% reduction in air-conditioning power demand, will therefore significantly lower running costs of HVAC services while extending its operational life.

SkyCool™ is a key component of infrastructure strategy. It is a solution that will keep our customers’ buildings cool, reduce costs, provide stakeholder satisfaction and enhance environmental impact and credentials.