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PET Plastic Containers, PET Barrier Technology and Hot-Fill Packaging

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Constar International is among the world’s leading suppliers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic containers. We have taken this versatile, recyclable plastic, and with imaginative thinking, years of industry knowledge and advanced materials science, created new monolayer PET barrier technology and structures that allow us to develop packaging solutions for the opportunities and challenges of greatest concern to food and beverage companies, such as product protection, consumer appeal and sustainability. We also develop packaging for hot-fill applications.

PET preforms, bottles and closures

We are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of PET preforms, bottles and closures. Our products range from small 16g preforms up to large 85gm preforms, in a diverse range of neck finishes to suit many applications.

Our bottle range includes both custom and standard bottles in a wide range of sizes, for carbonated soft drinks, still products and edible oil.

We are the UK’s largest manufacturer of 28mm single-piece closures for the beverage industry, producing approximately 3.1 billion closures per year.

Constar International is among the world's leading suppliers of PET plastic containers.
We are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of PET preforms, bottles and closures.
Constar’s PET barrier technologies protect sensitive food and beverage products from degradation.
Constar has developed a variety of next-generation PET hot-fill containers.
PET containers made using Constar's patented barrier materials.

PET barrier technologies

Constar has developed a suite of proprietary, industry-leading PET technologies tailored to the specific oxygen barrier needs of our customers. Constar continues to invest heavily in significant monolayer barrier material development. Our technologies employ sophisticated oxygen scavengers blended evenly throughout the PET, resulting in rigid containers with superior barrier performance and a more robust construction than multi-layer plastic packages that are prone to delamination.

Constar’s PET barrier technologies protect sensitive food and beverage products from degradation induced by oxygen ingress, loss of carbonation or light strike. They extend the shelf life of products such as beer, juice, tea, enhanced water, wine, flavoured alcoholic beverages, sauces and ketchup, and other food products.

Hot-fill PET packaging

Creating packaging solutions for hot-fill beverages and foods demands special knowledge of processing technologies. Constar expertise and patents enable us to design, develop and manufacture PET bottles and jars that withstand hot-fill processes used in packaging shelf-stable foods and beverages.

Our advanced technical and design capabilities allow us to produce innovative, value-adding packages that enable brand owners, private label manufacturers, and retailers to deliver value to consumers in the form of sustainable, lightweight, unbreakable and attractive PET packaging that withstands the rigours of the hot-fill process.

Constar has developed a variety of next-generation hot-fill containers that allow for creative designs without the limitations imposed by traditional vacuum compensation features. These ‘panel-less’ designs are available in stock as well as custom bottles and jars.

Oxygen-scavenging technology for PET containers

To increase access to its best-in-class technologies, Constar licenses or sells Oxbar®, MonOxbar® and DiamondClear® oxygen-scavenging technologies to leading converters and brand owners worldwide. PET containers made under licence to Constar patents protect oxygen-sensitive products, including beer, wine, juice, tea, enhanced water and other beverages, and foods. These powerful technologies offer advantages over traditional metal and glass packaging and provide enhanced shelf life for oxygen-sensitive products.

In addition, PET containers incorporating these technologies are highly sustainable, contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint for brand owners, and are recyclable in conventional PET reclamation systems. Constar supplies preforms, material and technical support under its licensing agreements.

Press Releases

  • Constar Wins Ameristar Award for Sustainable PET Jar

    Constar, a leading producer of innovative monolayer PET containers, has won the 2009 Ameristar Award for Food Packaging with a lightweight PET jar for LiDestri Foods' Francesco Rinaldi brand pasta sauces. Constar's Ameristar-winning PET jar features the company's Vertical Comp


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