Greif has opened a new intermediate bulk container facility in Ede, the Netherlands. Credit: Greif.
Stretching over an area of 90,000m², the new facility specialises in the manufacture of Greif’s GCUBE intermediate bulk containers. Credit: Greif.
Greif’s GCUBE intermediate bulk containers are rugged containers that are used for shipping hazardous and non-hazardous products in bulk quantities. Credit: Greif.

US-based industrial packaging specialist Greif inaugurated its new intermediate bulk container (IBC) plant situated in Ede, the Netherlands, in June 2018.

The company originally announced the construction of the new multi-million euro facility in September 2016.

The fully enclosed facility was designed and developed through a partnership between Greif’s headquarters in Italy and Tholu, a Dutch producer of IBC containers.

It is set to include two IBC lines. The second line is currently being installed and is expected to be operational in November 2018.

The IBC facility is slated to offer the latest IBC technologies to Greif’s customers.

It was built with a particular focus on the food industry and forms part of the company’s commitment to strengthening its position and expanding its footprint within the European market.

The Ede site is Greif’s second IBC facility.  The company’s first IBC plant was previously opened in 2017 in Mendig, Germany.

Greif has also announced plans to make additional investments in new facilities across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, including a steel drum manufacturing plant in Russia, which will be the company’s seventh steel drum manufacturing facility in the country.

Location of Greif’s new IBC facility

The new IBC facility is located next to Tholu’s IBC reconditioning site.

“The facility specialises in the manufacture of Greif’s GCUBE IBCs and offers a complete portfolio of new and rebottled GCUBE IBC solutions.”

Greif selected the municipality of Ede in the Netherlands as the strategic location for the new facility in order to serve its customers in the Benelux and Northern France regions.

The plant is situated in the centre of the Netherlands, which provides the site with access to logistics and transportation facilities for customers in and around the region.

The business-friendly climate and competitive tax structure in the Netherlands were additional factors considered when electing to establish the facility within the country.

Details of Greif’s new intermediate bulk container (IBC) plant

Greif’s new state-of-the art facility features a production plant and warehouse, spanning a total area of 90,000m².

The production plant is equipped with blow-moulders installed in clean rooms, which adhere to the standards of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and ISO 22000-4.

The facility specialises in the manufacture of Greif’s GCUBE IBCs and offers a complete portfolio of new and rebottled GCUBE IBC solutions.

In addition, it is equipped with modern safety equipment and a variety of advanced technologies.

GCUBE intermediate bulk container (IBC) details

Greif’s GCUBE IBCs are safe and rugged containers, which are primarily used to ship both hazardous and non-hazardous products in bulk quantities.

GCUBE IBC units include a high-density polyethylene bottle that has high molecular weight and a capacity of 275g / 1,040.99l.

The container comprises a steel tubular style cage, a steel hybrid pallet and advanced stability to facilitate increased stacking strength.

The containers are also designed to meet the universal standards relating to manufacturing processes and patented valve compatibility.

Marketing commentary on Greif

Greif was founded approximately 140 years ago and is primarily engaged in the provision of industrial packaging products and services.

The company manufactures steel, plastic, flexible, corrugated and reconditioned containers, IBCs, containerboards and accessories for markets such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, retail and consumer goods.

Greif operates in more than 200 locations across 40 countries and employs more than 13,000 team members across all of its facilities.

The company made its entry into the IBC market in 2010 through the acquisition of Italian packaging products manufacturer Fustiplast.

Greif currently operates nine IBC facilities within the EMEA region and 13 facilities worldwide.