Seymourpowell has a unique holistic approach to design and innovation, which combines in-depth experience with up-to-date intelligence about people, markets and businesses.

It has the ability to forecast and interpret the vital implications of behaviours and work out future scenarios so clients can feel confident and reassured that they are making the right decisions.

Ideas, innovation and product development

Seymourpowell is skilled in exploiting ideas that create real value and it always strives to move clients forward creatively. Seymourpowell is not just a visionary thinker, but a future doer with a rigorous and creative approach.

There are those that talk about innovation and development and then there are those that do it, deliver it and help clients profit from it. Not many fall into the latter category but Seymourpowell does. It is ultimately about making things better: better for people, better for business and better for the world.

Seymourpowell's holistic approach to design and innovation combines in-depth experience with up-to-date intelligence about people, markets and businesses.
Seymourpowell worked with Reckitt Benckiser to create their new global packaging design for Strepsils, the world's leading sore throat medicine.
A designer at work.

Insight, strategy and design to forecast consumer behaviour

Seymourpowell works with clients and shares its ability to forecast and interpret the vital implications of human behaviour using insight, strategy design.


  • Design forensics
  • Technical forensics
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Trend and category mapping


  • Market intelligence
  • Brand strategy
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Design strategy


  • Concept generation
  • Design development
  • Prototype and modelling
  • Interactive animation

Product design and innovation for the future

Seymourpowell can do almost anything it can imagine if it puts its minds to it. It works out possible scenarios to ensure that clients can reach the right decision with confidence. It’s no longer down to what Seymourpowell can do – it’s about what Seymourpowell should do and that takes more than just imagination it takes experience and a little wisdom.

The secret of the ‘next big thing’ isn’t lurking inside the consumer’s head waiting to be liberated by a focus group. It’s inside the heads of the dreamers, futurists and Utopians – the people who already live and work in the future. A business needs to learn how to see beyond the way things are now, to better inform what will be required to deliver a better future.

Tracking design, social and lifestyle trends for your brand

Seymourpowell identifies future social contexts and tracks design trends to understand the future opportunities for your brand. There are hundreds of trends specialists and scores of trends. The skill is in tracking these trends against user needs and brand relevance. Trends should not be abstract thought pieces. They should be practical, directional and inspirational.

Bringing the consumer to life

Seymourpowell builds visual consumer typologies by creating a persona, visualising their lifestyle, emotional landscape and consumption universe. It believes we need to move beyond the ABC1, 25-35 female. If Seymourpowell is going to make something better, more relevant -it needs to know where the consumer shops and why, what she loves, hates and wears, her attitude to luxury and the environment – whatever is important to her is important to the brief.

Observation and analysis to inform and inspire product design development

User research (ethnography) is the observation and analysis of people carrying out activities in their real environments. Seymourpowell uses it to understand and uncover functional and emotional needs of people’s relationship with products (brands, services and interfaces) in order to inform and inspire product design development.