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JOKA Plastic-Emballage

Reclosable Plastic Bags

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JOKA Plastic-Emballage manufactures and delivers high-quality reclosable plastic bags. JOKA offers a vast range of reclosable plastic bags in various sizes and colours, and can also print on them according to your specific requirements.

Zipper bags

The Minigrip® zipper bag is well-known as an economical and practical packing solution for both small and big objects. We stock more than 40 standard designs, which are ready for immediate delivery. They can be printed in up to six colours on one side or four colours on one side and two colours on the other.

Our ZipTight® zipper bag enables non-standard placement of the zipper. From carrier bags with a zipper below the handle and bottom pouch to placement in the bottom with a rip-off perforation and open top, ZipTight zipper bags can be configured to suit your needs.

ZipTight zipper bags can be delivered with print in up to six colours – on both sides from top to bottom – and with a hanging hole, flying hole, Euro hole, handle or holes for ventilation.

Stand-up zipper bags

Lamigrip® stand-up zipper bags have a very strong zipper and are suitable for products such as tea, coffee, pet food, dried fruits and many others. They are available in PET/ALU, PET/PE and in brown paper (laminated). They are also available with print.

Reclosable carrier bags

The Handi-Bag® is an economical and practical reclosable carrier bag designed for slightly heavier tasks than the Minigrip. The Handi-Bag has a specially designed, casted carrier handle or hook, which is secured with symmetric pushbuttons so that the bag stays closed but is still easy to open and close when required.

The Handi-Bag reclosable carrier bag is suitable for industrial sales packing or as an exclusive carrier bag. It can be delivered in several standard formats but can also be produced according to individual customer needs, wishes and demands.

Plastic slider bags

Zipper bags with a plastic slider are available in both polyethylene and high-gloss cast polypropylene. The bags are available with a plastic slider in any colour required and are suitable for printing in up to six colours. The slider bags are also available as stock-products, in PE and PP in several different sizes – these bags are transparent with a white plastic slider.

Slider bags are ideal for cosmetic products, product-samples, and many other applications which require attractive and exclusive sales packing.

Plastic mail order bags

Our plastic mail order bags are available in any format, with or without print, with tape in the bottom of the bag and a cut-out handle above the sealing.

The mail order bag is an extremely attractive packing for shipping clothes, shoes, children’s equipment, textiles, etc., and an excellent alternative to a cardboard box and inner-bag.

The commercial value of our plastic mail order bags is very high, as they pass through many hands and will assist in creating brand recognition. Biodegradable versions of our mail order bags are also available.

Plastic drawstring bags

Cordogrip® plastic drawstring bags are produced in either polypropylene or high-gloss polypropylene. They are easy to close and easy to hang up, and are available with white or coloured drawstrings. Tamper-proof and wicket options are available for automatic packing.

Cordogrip plastic drawstring bags are a multi-purpose product, suitable for a range of products (for example, fruits, jewellery, samples, shoes, etc.). They can be printed in up to eight colours.

Plastic carrier bags

JOKA manufactures all sorts of plastic bags. JOKA carrier bags can be produced in all possible formats, in transparent or coloured polyethylene, and in qualities from 0.05mm to 0.12mm. The bags can be delivered with cut-out handles and are eligible for print in up to six colours.

JOKA also produces plastic bags in 100% biological decomposable plastic, making them extremely gentle to the environment.

Please feel free to contact JOKA for more information or for samples of our products.

JOKA Plastic-Emballage

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1 sal

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