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ULMA Packaging is specialised in the design and production of packaging equipment, systems and services. ULMA Packaging is structured in six business units tailored to the requirements and needs of customers and is committed to innovation through the continuous strengthening of its R&D and applications engineering departments, and in its search for new systems and services that anticipate the requirements of a market in constant evolution.

Horizontal flow pack wrapping machines

ULMA Packaging manufactures horizontal wrapping machines for high-speed packaging. The flow pack style consists of a bag with three seals created from a flat roll of film. The machine unwinds the film and then forms a tube that is longitudinally sealed followed by two cross seals to close the bag at both ends. These machines are aimed at applications in the food and non-food markets.

Shrink film machines

ULMA Packaging offers automatic and manual machines for all types of shrink film. After passing through a shrink tunnel the film adapts to the shape and dimensions of the product, thereby resulting in high-quality packaging free of wrinkles and overlaps. These shrink film machines are aimed at the food and non-food markets.

Thermoforming packaging machines

Automatic horizontal packaging machines create the pack by means of heating a roll of base film and giving a particular shape to it. The product is loaded into the pack, then a vacuum is usually made and finally the pack is sealed with a top film (usually different to the base one). These thermoforming packaging machines are designed for products that require an isolated package, package with vacuum or modified atmosphere (MAP), customer-designed rigid package, or reduced package cost.

ULMA Packaging offers a range of packaging equipment, including this automated flow pack wrapper (HFFS).
Thermoforming packaging machines create a pack by heating a roll of base film and giving a particular shape to it.
A vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) machine is designed for the packaging of a wide range of products.

Tray-sealing and heat-sealing machines

ULMA Packaging manufactures heat-sealing machines for food product packaging in previously formed trays. These trays are closed with tray-compatible, heat-sealable film or cover material. Depending on customer requirements and machine configuration, packaging can be done with or without modified atmosphere (MAP).

This type of packaging allows an excellent presentation, especially when the product to be packed includes different ingredients. If this is the case, the system can place the products on the trays according to a pattern previous to the heat-sealing process.

Vertical form, fill and seal machines

A vertical machine forms, fills and seals the tubular bags by a horizontal and a vertical jaw to work with materials coming from the plane reel. This machine is designed for the packing of a wide variety of products such as liquids, pastes, powders, granulated foods, frozen foods (IQF), snacks, vegetables and many other particulate products. These machines are aimed at the food and non-food markets.

Stretch film machines

ULMA Packaging offers high-versatility automatic machines designed for packaging fresh products in trays with stretch film. These stretch film machines are exclusively aimed at the food market.

Global presence in packaging equipment, automation systems and services

ULMA Packaging sees its international expansion as a strategy of establishing itself in specific areas. It modifies and adapts its systems and services to the specific needs and demands of each market. This approach, which reflects ULMA’s commitment to becoming an international company, has led to the establishment of a series of subsidiaries around the world. Furthermore, ULMA Packaging has developed a distribution network that covers over 40 countries.

Global service

Based on the concept of comprehensive solutions, ULMA Packaging offers an exclusive, worldwide customer and technical assistance service that is able to respond quickly and efficiently to any demand or requirement. Thanks to our extensive network of delegations, distributors and subsidiary companies, which offer an exceptional after-sales service, ULMA Packaging will always be there when you need us, wherever you happen to be at the time.

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