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Arjo Solutions Anti-Counterfeiting and Traceability Solutions for Packaging

Arjo Solutions designs and delivers anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions to enable its customers to fight against product fraud and parallel markets. We protect our customers’ products and packaging.

Serving private companies for more than 15 years, Arjo Solutions is a major name in brand protection for automotive, perfumes and cosmetics, crop sciences, and pharmaceutical industries.

Product identification and authentication solutions

Signoptic™ is a patented technology based on a vision system converting the product material (fingerprint) into a unique signature using a proprietary algorithm. Thanks to the uniqueness of the product material, Signoptic™ is a solution that enables both identification and authentication of the product at unit level.

Signoptic™ does not add anything to the product; it is invisible and cannot be duplicated. Signoptic is the strongest solution on the market to protect packaging and products against parallel markets.

Serialisation, track and trace and consumer interaction software

Developed and proposed by Arjo Solutions, X’track™ is a software solution for product serialisation, track and trace, and consumer interaction. The serialisation allows each product to by uniquely identified through a secured code, printed as Datamatrix, QR code or Alphanumeric. Thanks to this unique code, X’track™ is able to track and trace the product throughout the supply chain from start to finish.

The code can also be used by the brand to enhance the consumer experience and interaction with the product: marketing one-to-one, collection of marketing data, and targeted sales offers. By implementing X’track™, brands will turn each offering into a smart and unique product, allowing full traceability, unique extended consumer experience and collection of marketing data.

X’track™ is one the strongest solutions to fight against product parallel markets and counterfeits.

Chemical markers authentication to fight against counterfeiting

SpotTag™ is a high-security chemical marker that is only detectable using a special reader for incontestable product authentication. It is compatible with all printing technologies, as well as all types of inks and varnishes. This technology is intended to be used with all types of packaging, products and documents, without modifying the composition of the material.

SpotTag™ is undetectable to the naked eye, even under ultraviolet or infrared light. The chemical marker is totally unique, making reproducing it impossible. SpotTag™ delivers an unambiguous result instantly, with the reader determining a YES/NO authentication answer.

SpotTag™ is one of the strongest authentication solutions on the market to fight against counterfeiting and is already protecting billions of products worldwide.

Secured tamper-evident substrate to protect products against tampering

STES™ is a synthetic secured tamper-evident substrate, enabling a product’s integrity and authenticity to be promptly verified. Owing to its high-performance security coating and outstanding technical properties, STES™ is highly suitable for applications requiring adhesive labels with authentication and tamper-proof functions. The security coating is a fast and reliable authentication solution. STES™ can be used to create labels and protect products from tampering.

Visible security ink to authenticate printed serialisation

DATAG™ is a visible security ink used to authenticate and secure printed serialisation or identification codes. It gives the user an expert-level print and authentication solution. To secure your documents and products, the DATAG™ system can interface with a secure production line marking system.

Its high-security characteristics make the DATAG™ solution irreproducible and allow detection only by a dedicated and easy-to-use handheld device. DATAG™ secures and authenticates supply chain track and trace codes to fight parallel markets and fraudulent items.

Invisible security ink to authenticate products and packaging

GhostTag™ is an invisible security ink used to authenticate product and packaging. It is a security printing solution completely invisible to the naked eye. Unlike traditional fluorescent ‘invisible’ security printing, only a handheld reader is able to reveal markings from this technology.

In addition, GhostTag™ cannot be viewed using infrared or ultraviolet lights, ensuring products have complete protection invisibly. It provides instant verification and authentication of the marker used on the label.

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Press Release

Arjo Solutions Partnership with EPSON Launches First Documents Security Solution that Uses Matter Biometrics

Arjo Solutions has launched DOCS (DOcument Certification by Signoptic®), an innovative documents security solution based on the intrinsic matter of the document, as a digital fingerprint for human being.

Arjo Solutions

32, Rue Jacques Ibert

92300 Levallois-Perret


+33 1 81 93 88 73 +33 9 72 32 78 71

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White Papers

Press Release

26 June 2017

Arjo Solutions has launched DOCS (DOcument Certification by Signoptic®), an innovative documents security solution based on the intrinsic matter of the document, as a digital fingerprint for human being.

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23 April 2017

From 10-11 May, Arjo Solutions is to exhibit its solutions at Luxe Pack New York 2017 in the US.

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5 April 2017

Arjo Solutions is to exhibit at the forthcoming InterPack 2017 event in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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1 November 2016

Arjo Solutions has launched SAFE (Signoptic® Authentication For Everyone), an innovative smartphone application based on the intrinsic material of the product, that lets you verify its authenticity similar to a fingerprint.

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Regional Offices

Arjo Solutions

32, Rue Jacques Ibert

92300 Levallois-Perret


+33 1 81 93 88 73 +33 9 72 32 78 71

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